Our route around Queensland from Brisbane (right hand bottom near Ipswich)

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Hello all

Geoff and I were having afternoon tea yesterday when we got talking about some place in Queensland we had visited in 2005 but we could not remember the details of it. As usual, my trusty Travel Journal comes in handy at such times, so I sought it out to find the answer to our mystery.

After some reading, I thought it would be nice to share with you all ‘out there’ a little of what we experienced during our four weeks journey in our camper-trailer during our annual holidays in 2005. We live in such a contrasting country: drought in the outback, lush vegetation in the rainforest area of North Queensland and beautiful beach along the coast. We saw it all!

So folks, here is Part 1 of “Travelling Queensland.” I’ll give you some pictures too to help you get the idea.

Friday 9th September 2005

                                              (** denotes photos below)

The red plains leading to Cunnamulla, a small town way out west …

Home in Brisbane and in bed. We are discussing the highlights of our trip around outback Queenland.We had set out from Brisbane.

My highlight was seeing the amazing diversity of this country. From the red plains of Cunnamulla to the green lush vegetation around Barcaldine and Longreach and then the dry, barren land from Winton to Cloncurry caused by severe drought.

Again, there was a different landscape along the**Savannah Way from **Karumba to **Undara, showing a harsh land, with no signs of habitation and just a little town dotted here and there. Then, one comes upon some greening of the landscape and an altitude change as one heads into the lush **Atherton Table land.

Before you know it, you are coming down a steep range into**Cairns with the sea and mountains laid out at your feet, almost talking your breath away with its beauty. Then, the amazing wilderness of the **Daintree Heritage area with the river full of crocodiles some resting on the banks of the river in the sun.

Driving along the coast is beautiful (between Cairns and Townsville, Nth Qld)

As you drive down the Coast you see how different coastal towns function by the sea. We see sugar cane growing as far as the eyes can see with sugar mills and billowing smoke filling the landscape. We came upon the lingering beauty of the **Great Dividing Range stretching on and on and on … a different vista at every turn.

All the while, the nana-vans (caravans with Nana and Grandad in them) kept coming and going in every direction like a salute to the country. There they are at every van park or free rest area, swopping stories, giving you advice or just sharing information. You cannot escape them! They gather like bees around a honey-pot ‘talking up’ this Great South Land of ours.

Or they are worn out from travelling, not wanting to see “one more waterfall” (especially near Cairns) and keen to get home after months on the road.

Then there are the Caravan Parks, Mostly, someone welcoming and friendly to greet you after hours on the road … but not always. Maybe it’s Mrs. Grumblebum at the desk having a bad day, who just wants the day to end and all those “grey nomad” nana-van people to go away and never come back.

As for the state of the parks, they can range from amazing to terrible. In some the showers hardly work, there are no shower curtains and your shoes (and your clothes) get sprinkled with water and you try to get out of there as quickly as possible. Like speed dating only this is speed showering!

So there I was every day of travelling looking up the RACQ book for Caravan Parks, trying to work out which one sounds the best. A kitchen is always a bonus, put our ice gel packs (for our portable fridge) in the freezer for the night and have somewhere to cook that is convenient. One day you are camped beside a creek, the next day you are facing a dry arid hill.

Come by to read Part 2 of “Travelling Queensland” tomorrow …


We experienced an amazing sunset over Kurumba on the Gulf

The dry Savannah Way from Kuranda to Cairns

The amazing Undara Lava Tubes formed by lava thousands of years ago.


Crocodiles on the Daintree River

One of the many waterfalls in the lush Atherton Tablelands


Cairns as you come down from the Atherton Tablelands

Great Dividing Range runs along the coast of Qld