Day 309 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Yesterday after writing my blog Stop-and-Smell-the-Roses and talking about gloves, I asked myself the question: “Is the Queen the only one who is still wearing gloves these days? Have you noticed that no one else is wearing them anymore? Even Michael Jackson who was a glove lover (well he loved wearing at least one glove) is now gone, so who is left?

The Queen will have no germs on her hands with these gloves

And while I am asking questions, here is another one: why do golfers wear a glove on their LEFT hand, if they use their clubs RIGHT handed? Then there are gardening gloves. Some gardeners insist on wearing gloves while others, like my husband, refuse to wear them saying “I like to get my hands dirty!” Others do NOT want to get their hands dirty!

It seems to me that the only real people wearing gloves these days are food workers who wear silicone gloves! Whereas once, gloves were for dressing up and going out to restaurants, now the people who are preparing our food at the restaurants are wearing gloves while we have none on at all! Funny isn’t it?

Of course, in cold climates you will see people routinely wearing leather or knitted gloves which is possibly the most practical use for gloves and one which remained out of necessity. The only other practical reason we could start wearing gloves again is to protect us from germs folks.

Have you ever seen hand wipes placed near the trolleys at supermarkets? This is so you can clean your hands before touching the trolley – just in case any germs are lingering on the handle of the trolley. I know I look at the hand wipes and wonder if I am being paranoid if I chose to use them and I don’t …  but I am tempted.

Hmmm glove wearing? A very interesting topic I discovered after researching online yesterday but still I cannot find anything to tell me what happened to stop women from routinely wearing gloves. Did someone put on a tantrum and say “That’s it! All my gloves are dirty, I REFUSE to wear gloves ever again!”

How could we forget Audrey Hepburn with these gloves in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Also, I don’t think it is enough to say that “fashions changed” either,  because glove wearing had been around for centuries and a simple change of fashion would not do it folks. However, I do have a theory that is beginning to take shape in my head.

During the sixties when the pill was first formulated and became available to all women, allowing them to have control over when they had children, something happened to the world. Women burnt their bras (I’m not sure why because it is damn uncomfortable when I’m not wearing one!) dresses got shorter, free love was the mantra on the lips of certain people who wore flowers in their hair: Flower Power it was called.

So, why have gloves when people are getting around at rock concerts naked or almost naked? Why bother? Women threw out the gloves with their bras and the world has never been the same since! And they ‘kind of’ threw out the baby with the bath water as well, because women having babies dropped dramatically also.

Out: gloves AND hats

So there it is folks. My theory about the ousting of gloves. We have never looked back but still, some people persist in wanting to bring them back and I’m not sure why. I would like to see them worn more on formal occasions but apart from that, life is far more casual today and I cannot see the ‘death of the glove’ being resurrected for any good reason.

However, when the Queen dies, I think Camilla will continue on the tradition but Catherine? I think not! The death of the glove will be final then.

Now in conclusion, let me share this interesting story about the use of gloves to show power:

“More recently in history, Tommie Smith and John Carlos held up their leather glove-clad fists at the awards ceremony of the 1968 Olympics. Their actions were intended to symbolize Black Power, but they were banned from the Olympics for life as a result of the incident.”

Yes, this actually happened and it is only recently that the part the Australian Peter Norman played in this incident has come to light. Parliament recently apologised to him for how they treated him. It was woeful:

“Norman’s support for the athletes angered Olympic authorities and he was overlooked for the 1972 Munich Games. He quit athletics in protest, but remained life-long friends with Smith and Carlos, who gave eulogies and were pallbearers at Norman’s funeral in 2006.”

Yes folks, gloves are indeed an interesting topic and there are so many stories I could tell you but there is not enough room here on this blog.

In the meantime, you can find a lot of nostalgia on Miss who collects booklets on etiquette about everything you might like to know from the past. Visit her blog on the link above where she will give you all the etiquette you might require on glove wearing but I’ll give you a little taste of what you will find there.

The Etiquette of Glove Wearing

Don’t appear in public without your gloves on you

– Don’t eat or drink (or smoke) in your gloves

– Always remove your gloves at an informal occasion, leaving them with your coat

– Always keep your gloves on for outdoor events

– Always wear appropriate gloves for the occasion

– You can wear bracelets over gloves but not rings (fairly obvious I feel- not sure anyone could squeeze a ring over the top of gloves!)

Until tomorrow