Day 302 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all
I come to you today fresh from my nephew’s Wedding yesterday afternoon until late in the night combined with a Baby Shower for my daughter-in-law this morning which saw us come home mid afternoon. Geoff and I sat down in front of TV to catch our breath and promptly fell asleep!

A 6am start this morning in order to make fresh cheese scones for the baby shower did not help the cause but do you know what? I wouldn’t have had it any other way; I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Celebrations? What would a family do without celebrations of one kind or another? It is like a rite of passage folks. Take ‘The Wedding’ yesterday for example.

Alex as he waits

It was wonderful to see my nephew Alex standing  nervously at the altar of the church with his mates, waiting for Deanne to walk down the aisle of the beautiful old stately Anglican Church – fashionably late – before family and friends.

And then the tearing at the heart-strings when they pledged to love and  honour each other. This boy, who I remember as a new-born, now a grown man making his own choices.

What joy it brought to everyone to be part of their commitment to each other. And can you imagine a life without such times of celebration? I certainly cannot. Of course, it was then time to party with all their friends and family.

And then there is the Baby Shower – that Maria put on for Belinda – to consider. Belinda, my daughter in law lost twins last year at 24 weeks; then in 2009 her son Isaac was born  premature at 30 weeks. Therefore we wanted to herald her pregnancy this time around as she celebrated 36 weeks today. Only two weeks to go!

However, it didn’t look as if the Baby Shower might happen at all! Belinda ended up in hospital with contractions a few days before the baby shower was due (last Sunday). Of course, all our prayers were for her not to have another premature baby. How delighted we were when she came home two days later, rested and well. Time to party!

Belinda practicing with a girl baby

None of us wanted her to miss out on this important celebration and so it was held today, full of all things pink (for a girl) including food and gifts. Oh, what a sweet and timely celebration it was!

Belinda had this awful feeling that she wouldn’t make it and was almost a reluctant candidate for the Baby Shower today. Maybe she thought she was pushing her luck a tad too far.

But no … she made it! And all of us celebrated this wonderful event. Belinda, large and round with her child, was the picture of joy as she unwrapped gifts and lapped it all up. She was spoiled and made to feel special. Celebrations? They are the best thing!

Now folks, I am going to leave you with some photos to celebrate these two occasions. The Wedding is all about shoes and I captured some wonderful shoes at this wedding. Let me just say that ‘The Bride‘ wore very high-heeled, emerald-green shoes, with green earrings and bracelet … how enchanting with white!

The Baby Shower today was all about BABIES! (Surprise! surprise!) There seemed to be lots of babies there and I captured some nice photos of them too. Enjoy!

The beautiful bride Deanne

Deanne’s gorgeous green satin wedding shoes!

Alex’s sister Rachel’s blue shoes

Three of us with our reddish shoes

Brenda (Alex’s mother) orange and pink shoes

Belinda with me as she opens presents



L to R: Celebrating family: my niece Louise, Belinda, daughter Maria and me

L to R: Teresa with Isla and Melissa with Ollie

What a beautiful morning tea Baby Shower