Day 300 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

It came upon me quite unexpectedly. I knew it was coming and then promptly forgot all about it. In fact, I could hardly believe it when I realised that indeed TODAY would be number 300 of 366 of my Blog Challenge! So finally, here we are.

When I did some research this morning about the number 300, I was surprised at what my friend Google coughed up for me to delight my literary bent. One of the things that I did relate to, was someone else’s blog with the heading Post Number 300 on a financial-type site called The Buck List.

The author really expressed how I have felt and as I read it, I found myself nodding my head and thinking “Oh this is ME to a tee!” He says:

“It’s kind of a milestone, and one I am a little proud of. When I started The Buck List in September of 2008 I really had no idea what I was doing. I have learned a few things along the way, but nothing to brag about.

Blogging is a pretty simple thing to try and easy to begin, but if you stick with it for a while the sky can cloud up. You get discouraged because your traffic is not increasing, you are not making much of any kind of money and nobody is leaving comments.”

I read somewhere that an incredible amount of people begin writing on a blog but after three months, they often become discouraged and tend to give the whole thing away. Oh, I do know how they feel folks.

The author of The Buck List added: “What I decided to do when that happened to me was to keep on writing and consider the possibility that I was providing my few readers with something of value. Slowly it grew, and continues to grow.”

And yes my dear readers, this is what I have decided to do too … I will just keep on writing and when 2013 comes around and I have actually COMPLETED my 2012 Challenge – I will reassess how many times per week I will be writing. But I will be writing on.

Now I must delight you with some wonderful information about the number 300. I came across about four interesting things that relate to this number. Let me give you a taste.

1. The Three Hundred

This is the name given to the Spartans who fought to the death at the Battle of Thermopylae (although two were sent away prior to the battle and survived, Aristodemus and Pantites. We are talking about the year 480 BC here. And has anyone heard of The Battle of Thermopylae? Not me that’s for sure!

However, I have read up on it and believe me, all you need to know is this:

“The Battle of Thermopylae was fought between an alliance of Greek city-states led by King Leonidas of Sparta, and the Persian empire of Xerxes over the course of three days.”

2. The Movie 300

The Movie 300

Well, what do you know, in 2007 they made an action movie called “300” about the Battle of Thermopylae and by the looks of things it is a gory piece of cinema folks. Not one that I would like to see. But then again, some of you may have heard of it – or even seen it at one time or another. Also, it is the “fictionised telling” of this battle so I will let you use your own imagination as to what that means!

3. The number 300 in Bowling

In bowling, a perfect score, achieved by rolling strikes in all ten frames (a total of twelve strikes). Not too much more one can say on this score.

4. Properties of the Number 300

Now this is the ideal website for those out there who LOVE mathematics (not me). This website is amazing even for a non-maths thinking brain like mine. Here is a little to whet your imagination. You will find more on the website about the number 300.

  • Because 300 is divisible by 2 …
    • 300 is an even number
    • 300 has parity 0
    • 300 is not an odd number
  • Because 300 can be factored as 2 x 150 …
    • 300 is a composite number
    • 300 is not a prime number

    Alternative Representations of the Number 300

  • Base 2 (binary): 100101100
  • Base 8 (octal): 454
  • Base 16 (hexadecimal): 12C
  • Roman numeral: CCC
  • Words: three hundred


As my post Number 300 comes to an end, I ask you to celebrate with me. I HAVE MADE IT TO DAY 300! Now, I will get up, come back again tomorrow and start heading down to that finish line. Wish me luck …