Day 298 of 366 Blog Challenge

Hello all

Do you know folks, that I have seen the ‘one true love’ thing in action before my very eyes yesterday and today. I have seen tenderness and caring. I have seen coaxing to eat of someone with no appetite and I have seen patience poured out in full measure enough to warm the heart.

And I have seen with my own eyes, the feeling reciprocated in turn with enough smooching, touching and following about the house to make togetherness an art form. Okay do you give up? For I just know that you are asking: WHO?… TO WHOM? … and WHY?

Our lovely fluffy pussy Sandy – BEFORE

It is none other than my own husband Geoffrey doing the giving. And the recipient is none other than our little Himalayan Persian cat Shasandra (Sandy for short) on the receiving end of this dedication but really, it is a mutual love affair not one-sided at all. This is true love folks.

You see, on Monday Geoff took the cat to have her long fur trimmed as she gets very hot and very matted in summer which makes her over-groom and then she gets into trouble “spewing” her food anywhere and everywhere there is a place available, inside or out. It is not pleasant folks.

Poor Sandy! When she returned later in the day, she looked for all intents and purposes like a different cat. She looked smaller too. And I ask you: “was she offended by this yearly ritual nightmare?” Oooooh Yeees!

She appeared to be traumatised. She refused to have anything to do with us for a while and off she went to hide in the bushes, all put out and not wanting contact with anyone and no eating, drinking or any other activity either.

AFTER: Sandy, shadow of her former self

And this is where Geoff came into the picture. By yesterday, he was the essence of concern. He had her on his lap, talking soothing words, comforting her and reassuring her that she would survive this. “I know you are 14 years old Sandy, but you’ve done this before and you can do it again” he cooed gently while she purred.

And Sandy? She looks up at him with love in her eyes. She is beginning to come around … but not quite just yet. I think she may be deciding to milk it for all it’s worth for just a bit longer yet.

Sandy refuses to eat. Geoff offers her some fresh mince as cat food has failed on Monday. No success.

Geoff offers a bit of fresh chicken I am cutting up. No. Turns her nose right up at it. Meanwhile Geoff continues to put her on his lap, give her water, talk to her in his soothing voice. No luck.

Yes, the purring was this bad

However, Sandy is loving all this attention and is now doe-eyed as she follows her ‘Beloved’ around the house wanting to be with him, needing his reassurance and getting every bit of attention that she can.

I am being very generous about all this, watching as the cat usurps my position in the house. I can handle this but then … I wake up in the middle of the night and hear a strange noise. I am sure it is a cat purring. Surely not? Geoff too is awake and beside him lies the shorn cat, snuggled next to Geoff and purring her little heart out very loudly!

Now keep in mind, that Geoff cannot abide noise while he is trying to sleep but does not appear at all bothered by the ‘motor-mouth’ on the cat right next to him. I comment to him about this, asking him if we really need the cat to sleep with us now? Geoff agrees that the noise is driving him slightly crazy and so he tries to encourage Sandy in his softest voice to leave. She continues purring.

I ask you, what cat is going to leave a warm bed when the hot weather has turned cold just when she has no fur left to protect her?? I’ve now had enough. So with the help of my loud voice,  I speak a firm command to Sandy to leave the bed NOW!”

Sandy jumps off  as quick as a flash as she can’t wait to get away from this horrid women who is always causing trouble between her and her One True Love. Oh folks, it is hilarious, it really is.

Compulsory reading for every cat

Two days of all this loving and cuddling and carry-on and I am out of patience. However, the cat still has not eaten so there is more cajoling and sweet-talking this morning to entice Sandy to eat. Finally, Geoff tries her on some cat food she HATES that was sitting in the cupboard and what does she do? She laps almost all of it up as if she has been sitting around waiting for this delicacy since Monday!

Geoff cannot believe it and is now beginning to wonder if he has been overdoing things … just a little perhaps? You think Geoff?? Just a LITTLE? Oh, that cat has influence beyond anything I am capable of folks.

However, things have been looking up today and I think we may just have turned the corner on this ‘post traumatic fur clipping disorder’ (or PTFCD for short)  that the cat has suffered. (Perhaps she should join a support group next time?)

This improvement proved to be true, for when Geoff left for work this morning, what did he do? With no cat in sight, he headed to see me in the computer room and gave me a kiss goodbye. Surprised, I allowed myself to be indulged. Oh yes, things were looking up.

Finally, it appears that I have been restored to my rightful position in the house and not before time. Now, can someone just tell Sandy … PLEASE?