Day 294 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

The Hills were alive with the Sound of Music as we drove home from Cabarita today … well, perhaps I am exaggerating a little,  but the CAR certainly was alive with the sound of music.

I had been fiddling around with the dial to find some music and finally settled on a ABC FM classical station (88.5) playing the most incredible rendition of the stirring religious hymn: “Were you there when they crucified My Lord?”

Geoff and I almost had tears in our eyes as we listened spellbound to this negro spiritual. After it finished, they played an operatic piece that went on for 20 minutes and made the miles go flying by as the famous Argentinian singer, Mercedes Sosa sang brilliantly accompanied in part by the Buenos Aires Choir. Hauntingly beautiful.

I took this of another photographer taking a photo of the sunrise!

I never realised that one could enjoy this kind of music so much! Perhaps it was the fact that we were trapped within the four doors of our vehicle and there was nothing else to listen to that was half decent. Whatever it was, it made the hour trip home so very enjoyable and opened us up to a totally different form of music.

You see friends, we were in denial really. We had felt reluctant to pack up our van and leave Cabarita, so we delayed the inevitable as long a possible. However, I had set my alarm for 5 am so that I could at least capture photos of ONE sunrise during our holiday. 

I could hardly believe this was my third VERY EARLY start in a row! Getting up early is not my strong suite  folks.

And because I was still in holiday mode (you see what I mean about denial?) as Geoff drove home, I took a few photos of some interesting tunnels along the way! Oh, it was sad folks. Desperation to keep on holidaying drove me to play the tourist for as long as I could. And while that amazing Creola music was playing, I was lifted into another time and place.

Perhaps we were in Spain driving (as Geoff did in reality in 2008) on their ‘autopistas’,  for the scenery was not very different at all … oh except we were driving on the left side of the road here instead of the right in Spain . Now THAT was very different and caused us a whole heap of trouble at times. But, it took our adventuring spirit into another realm and what caused us horror then, became a highlight of our holiday; Spain was the only country where we hired a car.

Thinking we were in Spain as they have tunnels like this one

So playing tourist, I noticed so many interesting things on the road between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. For example personal number plates on cars often capture my attention to ward off boredom. My pick for today was this one:

11 ADE

Say it quickly and you could almost be saying the name of a popular soft drink. I wonder why the person wanted 11 ADE as their personal number plate? I’d love to know the significance.

Billboards also pop up quite regularly and while some of them show no creativity at all, others are really good. I wrote on Thursday on my blog, about the sign that said: BEHAVE WITH GRACE AND INTELLIGENCE which I thought was the best inspirational billboard I have ever seen.

Today’s pick for me was the one that said:


However, I could not see what this billboard was actual advertising! Perhaps it was advertising health? Or a brand of sugar substitute but as it was not obvious, I don’t think it is doing a very good job of being an advertisement, do you? Still, it was a great reminder to get your priorities right and not crave anything that is not good for you! So it is inspirational to say:  CRAVE LIFE. I like that thought … regardless of what it is advertising.

Geoff ‘s pick of the day was this one:


I told Geoff that I was concerned about the grammar but he couldn’t see anything wrong with it, so we decided that this would be the second-best pick of the day. Still I wanted to know exactly what this meant? And once again, just like yesterday, the difference between men and women became apparent as Geoff thought I was after a Spanish Inquisition!

So the lesson of this Billboard is: Don’t be a DISTRACTING driver by doing DISTRACTING things … whatever those DISTRACTING things may be. Do YOU have any idea what they might be? I’m not sure I have the answer to this one folks. Perhaps it is to do with texting and talking on your mobile phone?

You can see therefore, why I say that  DENIAL WAS THE BEST OPTION  to facing the end of our lovely holiday away? Now that we are home, we are confronted by REALITY: dirty clothes, foodstuffs to finish putting away and clothes everywhere. Chaos in fact.

All I can say is: no wonder we stayed in denial for as long as possible … at least while we were on the road we could fool ourselves in thinking we were on holidays, because once we arrived home, we knew the holiday was definitely OVER …

Going through another tunnel

Coming out of the round tunnel in the picture earlier


Another sunrise photo taken through the she-oaks near the beach