Day 293 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Nicole, Tess and Nicole’s daughter Anna

Geoff and I have been running around the countryside these last two days like chooks with our heads cut off folks! In actual fact, we headed off to Coffs Harbour to visit a friend who is recovering from a brain tumour operation (malignant).We stayed overnight and returned home to Cabarita today.

Phew, it’s good to be back! And yes, it was a huge trip but we are so pleased that we saw our friend who is staying positive and doing all she needs to do for her recovery these last two months, including chemotherapy.

However, through all this seriousness, there were a lot of laughs and we managed to have a pleasant visit, but what I didn’t expect upon my return was Geoff accusing me of wanting to hold a ‘Grand Inquiry’. In other words … a version of “The Spanish Inquisition!”

Yes, you heard right: The Spanish Inquisition. Although the Spanish Inquisition was very real and frightening and held in 1480, decreeing Jews and Muslims to convert or leave Spain – not a pretty time for my own Catholic Church folks. However the decree  finally was abolished in the 1800s .. and not before time too!

The ridiculous Monty Python crew

But I’m sure you’ve heard the popular saying “What do you think this is: The Spanish Inquisition?” which was made famous in a Monty Python sketch rightly called “The Spanish Inquisition.” It was a send up of the real Spanish Inquisition.

I watched it today on YouTube and if you are able to laugh at these things (I try not to take myself too seriously) take a little time to watch this 9 minute sketch. I think it’s hilarious:

Now how did this came about? While we were driving home we were discussing the latest turn of events with Geoff’s Wednesday morning payroll job coming to an end. I was giving him the pros and cons of this development when we arrived home and Geoff tried to open the van. He wondered if I had actually locked it when we left. This led to another discussion!

Geoff’s responded with a big grin: “Well, do you think we need a ‘Grand Inquiry’ into all this Theresa ? I was taken aback but I managed to retort “What a great idea, when shall we start it!” All I remember next was the rolling of eyes, but later when I made a cuppa I told Geoff that it was typical of men not wanting to have discussions about things.

Oh no, I was getting into dangerous territory here – I was in danger of  being sexist toward men!

But folks, as I told Geoff, the fact of the matter is that men and women ARE different. No matter how much we would like to have total and utter equality, it will never happen! It’s true: men generally do not like to have a Spanish Inquisition into anything. Women love to talk and discuss things. It is how we are wired. No insult to anybody at all.

And I mentioned the fact that we had heard on ABC Radio National, when we were driving back from Coffs Harbour today, that a gender neutral pronoun – HEN – has been introduced into the language in Sweden and I thought it was crazy; it seemed beyond belief. Here is an explantion that might help:

“Sweden’s tradition of gender equality has famously put more mums in the workplace while rising numbers of dads stay at home. Now advocates have a new frontier: they’re pushing for a gender-neutral pronoun, “hen”, to be added to “han” (he) and “hon” (she).”

Does this represent the new word HEN?

At the time of hearing this, Geoff and I both reacted the same, wondering if Sweden has not gone too far in this gender debate. Apparently, Sweden is not trying to abolish gender but to add ANOTHER option! Read the whole debate on gender-neutral-pronoun-sweden-henIt’s all very interesting but I’m not sure if I am convinced folks. However, I was comforted by this last paragraph which said:

This isn’t about saying that men and women don’t exist: it’s about saying that the world is a whole lot bigger than dudes and ladies.

Well, isn’t that nice to know: they’re not saying men and women don’t exist!!

The fact that someone has to make a statement of this kind is in itself very worrying and it may even warrant a Spanish Inquisition of its own to determine the matter!

I am taking a light hearted approach to this, but if I was to be serious I would say: LET’S GET REAL!! Common sense must prevail folks …

But again on second thoughts, if they are going to have a Spanish Inquisition, don’t let my husband Geoff head it up because he won’t want to discuss anything and then we’ll all be back to square one …