Day 291 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Geoff and I went home to Brisbane late yesterday so Geoff could do his Wednesday morning  job and I met some friends for breakfast. We are only an hour away and it makes it possible to pop back and forward if we need to.

We returned to Cabarita after lunch and the sun was shining and the beach was beckoning and everything else was exactly as we left it and so I have written this little piece about what we heard upon our return:

Bush turkeys always clomping along the roofs

The Sounds of Cabarita Caravan Park

Clomp clomp clomp go the bush turkeys on the tin roof of the shed nearby

Gobble gobble gooble … 

Grunt grunt grunt …

As the turkeys pick at the grass

Scratch scratch scratch go the recalitrent hens in the dirt

Woof woof woof goes the blind dog called Gemma

Beep beep beep goes the Smoke Alarm bird across the way

Screech screech screech go the seagulls flying overhead

Roar roar roar goes the surf in the background

Twitter twitter twitter go the many birds coming and going

Yes, all the usual noises of Cabarita Caravan Park

As we settle in again after being away

Time to relax and take a deep breath 

Put the kettle on and eat cake

For we know what awaits us:

Endless sunshine,

Huge surf rolling in

And time to enjoy a lazy Wednesday on holidays …

Before I close let me say that writing about bush turkeys reminded me of the fascinating information we found out concerning the mating habits of these birds. The male bush (or scrub) turkey builds a mound made up of all kinds of material eg dirt, grass etc and he keeps scratching away at it until it reaches the right temperature for the female to lay her eggs. 

Getting the right temperature may take time but as the male has a heat sensor in his head, he knows when the temperature is perfect. If it is too hot, he has to remove some grass. If too cold, he must find other matter to add heat. When the female lays the eggs he protects the mound and continues to make sure the temperature is right until the young are born. Once born, the young are immediately independent!

Oh if only it was that easy for us women: letting the men prepare everything and all we need do is lay eggs. Then into the bargain … no child rearing!!  

 And as I lamented the loss of the day upon my return folks, my faithfulness to my blog writing came first so in order to give me an early mark, I will leave you with some beautiful photos to help you keep alive your sense of Wonder. Thanks to my friend Joan, who we met on our cruise, for sending the email containing them. Enjoy!

An illuminated snow tunnel in Russia

First contact (reminds me of Monsters Inc)

Fractal patterns in dried out desert rivers

Moon bridge in Dahu Park, Taipei