Day 289 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Life is so relaxed when you are at the beach on holiday isn’t it? Except for something unexpected happening, one doesn’t have a care in the world.

Geoff and I didn’t have a care in the world when we went walking along the beach early today. It was fresh and beautiful in the cool of the morning. We paddled along the water’s edge with a magnificent blue sky overhead and a few obligatory white fluffy clouds nearby, looking like a scene from a painting.

In actual fact though, we were heralding the calm after the awful hail storm that confronted us before dinner last night. Yep, the unexpected had caught up with us! We were surprised what a difference a new day brought at the beach and then the near disaster was almost forgotten.

Just last night I was literally praying to be kept safe as the storm broke, bringing hail and high winds to us in our little Jayco camper-trailer!

Firstly there was disbelief. You know what I mean: a “what the …?” moment when something unexpected happens. A storm yes, but a battering of large hail? This was a shock! And it was too late to make a move to a safer place such as the concrete toilet block right next door to us either.

Trapped in our van as it shook violently, we had to bunker down and wait it out.

Food forgotten, survival paramount, as hail bullets bombarded us staccato style. I remembered the story of a couple in a wind-up van who were injured when their van collapsed on them and so I prayed: “Please God, don’t let this be US.”  However, I have a feelling I know what #*@# words Geoff was thinking! Plain speaking, that’s Geoff.

Ten to fifteen minutes later, it was all over and the caravan park residents came alive again with Manager Brenda checking we were all ok, proving herself good with people as well as feathered creatures.

This morning there was an impromptu meeting as residents gathered and roofs were assessed for holes (a lot of annexes had many). Geoff was in his glory helping out especially with assessments. The night before, he had been concerned about Warren’s Smoke Alarm bird who was loose in the annex during the storm (Warren was out) but the bird survived!

You know, it reminded me that everyone reacts differently in a crisis. It is  automatic for me to start praying; it just seems to be in my DNA somehow folks! It is how I respond but it has caused some hilarity at times in my life. For instance there was THIS time:

When I was about 22, I was driving in my little Beetle Volkswagen, with my 14-year-old brother Raymond when I skidded in the tram lines. Being young and knowing everything (but discovering I knew nothing at all) I handled the situation wrongly and the car rolled over several times, finally coming to a halt on the footpath near the Police Station, on its roof! A handy place to land.

My son Daniel would like this one!

When this was happening what was my immediate response? A cry of : “Lord, save us!” At the same time, I remember Raymond crying out “Oh S#*T!” Just about the polar opposite to MY cry for help. We did laugh about it for years later. Perhaps, if one was to combine the two cries as: “Oh S#*T, Lord save us” even God would have had a great laugh. Yep, plain speaking.

Life is a bit like that folks. We cannot always sanitize life – or religion for that matter. We all know the expression: “S#*T Happens …” and know that it is often so true. Sometimes we just need to say it how it is … perhaps? I don’t believe that God has any problem with it at all.  There may be a few people however, who do.

And one doesn’t even have to be using any ‘bad language’ either; it may just be a case of speaking to God plainly eg telling the truth about how you feel. God can handle it!

Friends, it takes all kinds to make a world. Let us allow them all – within reason – to have their say. After the storm at the caravan park full of interesting individuals: large with tattoos, small with mental challenges, tall with hearing issues (and new teeth) and very old (90) complete with the shakes, there is no problem about THAT happening! The trick is to accept ALL folks no matter what they are like.

While we relax at the beach on holiday, there is always time to learn something from unexpected situations …

This storm photo was sent to me on FB from a friend.