Day 281 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

It’s my 66th birthday today. I wasn’t always this old you know! No, when I was about 7 years old, I wanted to be like Tinkerbell and I thought if I just rustled my fine wispy wings and tapped my toes, I could leave fairy dust wherever I went and therefore could change things for the better.

Do you know what? I haven’t changed much through all these years really. I still like to think I can change things for the better … but as for the fairy dust? Well, that would be good if it were true but as it isn’t, I still love the idea of it!

Pure escapism at Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant

Today I was surrounded by my family which includes my daughter-in-law’s parents, for lunch at Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant. Sure, the food was nice and I received lots of gifts, but what made the day special were little things like Maria and Daniel slipping out unnoticed to buy me some cupcakes for a birthday cake; Isaac sitting beside Bampy and me, drawing pussy-cats (with my help).

Then there was Belinda round with child and celebrating 33 weeks; Daniel writing encouragement on my card after I had received it; Violet (6) dancing with the Belly Dancer; Violet spontaneously giving me a $5 note for my birthday; having Maria living in Brisbane AND having Steve home and present (he’s usually away).

Alice surprising me with a hasty birthday message written on a page of my notebook; Pat and David’s love and care for everyone and their enthusiasm, especially for the belly dancer!

So this leads me to a question: how did I get THIS old? What happened to all the years that have gone by since I was that slip of a girl who believed in Tinkerbell? And when did I first look in the mirror and see the face of my mother? Here’s another question: which is better, to be young or to be the age I am now?

Questions … questions … questions. I have no answers for any of them but there is ONE THING I DO KNOW folks. I know now that I am older I am filled with gratitude for all of my life. I find myself more and more aware of the abundant blessings that have always managed to come to me even through trials and difficulties.

The biblical verse “All things work for good for those who love God” has indeed characterised all of my life! Today, I opened my little 3-minute Meditation that I do every day and found the heading ‘ABUNDANT BLESSINGS” and surrounding the words was a mass of pink orchids. Their beauty touched my heart and I wondered if I could get a picture. Then Pat (Belinda’s mum) appeared with a beautiful pink orchid with three flowers on it. Wow … how about that?

So  today folks, I want to express my gratitude on ‘how I got THIS old’ … so to celebrate I have written a ditty:


I GOT THIS OLD not by always doing everything perfectly

But by admitting that I was far from perfect and often stuffed up

I got this old by always striving to be the best person that I could be

Even if sometimes I had to backtrack, apologise and start afresh

I got this old not by always being in perfect health

But by allowing my ‘iffy’ health to teach me things I needed to learn

I got this old not by burying my head in the sand and ignoring challenges

But by feeling the fear and taking on the challenges anyway

I got this old not by being the best marriage partner ever

But by being willing to admit my mistakes and back down when necessary

I got this old not by never saying anything wrong

But by being willing to do what it takes to make things right afterwards

So folks, somehow along the way, with life always sending curve balls

I survived and managed to GET THIS OLD

And I am abundantly blessed because of it

I cannot find one reason NOT to be joyful

Just because I GOT THIS OLD …

And here are a few photos to share with you from the day.

Violet learning to be a Belly Dancer

Maria, Tess and Geoff with the cupcakes

Alice and me: the two birthday girls

Me with son-in-law Steve and Violet

Dan and Belinda

Pat and Isaac outside watching the belly dancer