Day 277 of 366: Blog Challenge

A handbag from the 18th century

Hello all

Have you noticed that you do not even think about what is in your handbag until you forget to take it with you somewhere and then suddenly you can’t live without it! Sadly, this happened to me on the weekend.

As Geoff and I were walking to our car to go to the theatre, I  ran back to the house to get my coat  leaving my handbag on the chair in the front of the house while I got the coat. I thought no more about it as I dashed out of the house again.

Patient Geoff was waiting in the car so off we went. Meanwhile my poor handbag sat on the chair … waiting to be rescued. When we were almost at our destination, I suddenly remembered my fated handbag sitting on the chair, full of all sorts of things that I might need for an overnight stay at our friend’s unit. And it was threatening rain too.

Now, by some stroke of luck – good fortune – call it what you may, I had put the theatre tickets, my public transport card and my mobile phone in a tiny theatre style handbag, in a fit of efficiency which surprised even me! I heard Geoff take a deep sigh when I panicked and said “Oh no! I have left my handbag on the chair!” The Lure of the Handbag had kicked in.

My Relic handbag is a little like this one.

Thoughts of driving all the way back for the theatre tickets floated through Geoff’s mind because I had kept them in my handbag since receiving them. He had not seen me switch them to my little bag. Phew … saved! Onwards and upwards. I phoned my neighbour who rescued the bag for me. Strange but I managed to do without all ‘the things’ that seemed so necessary at the time.

This got me thinking about handbags and why women carry handbags? You don’t often see men with handbags do you? Well, you do see some with those ‘man bags’ that go over the shoulder – a bit like a briefcase substitute. Otherwise they have no interest in carrying things like us women do. No. It’s true; we cannot live without our handbags.

Early in the year, I’d had fun writing a blog entitled: What DOES the Queen have in her Handbag? in which I went into detail about handbags. I  also made a list of what the Queen MAY have in that handbag? Well, for instance she wouldn’t use tissues right? A proper handkerchief with a royal “E” on it would be there.  If you want a laugh, visit the post and read it.

In the blog I discussed the lure of the handbag” from a book I was reading at the time where one of the protagonists, a shopaholic called Emma, was shopping for the ‘right handbag’ only to discover after the purchase that it wasn’t ‘quite right’ after all! Haven’t we all been there folks? Too  late then … already used goods! I love this quote from the book:

“It’s not just her (Emma), she knows that, there are thousands of women who understand the lure of the bag; it’s seduction with the promise that it will change your life.”

From the museum: a bag which is a working telephone

Which reminds me: yesterday I read an article on ‘Bizarre Bags‘ in “The Week” (my favourite magazine at present) which made me smile. It seems that Amsterdam has a special museum, the Tassen Museum called Museum of Bags and Purses.  If you are planning to visit this city in Holland (as we are in 2014) be sure to look through the three floors which comprise thousands of bags, cases and purses.

The photos of the bags are amazing folks. You can even buy handbags online here! I had a good look around the website and loved it. Here is what I found out:

“The Museum of Bags and Purses displays the history of the western handbag from the 15th century right up to the present. It is the only museum in Europe with such an extensive and specialized collection. The museum owns a collection of 4,000 bags, pouches, cases, purses and accessories, making it the biggest museum of bags in the world.”

Madonna with her bag at Evita premiere

There is even the bag Madonna carried to the premiere of the film Evita at this museum. Apparently, what started as a private collection got out of hand and after 10 years, it had to be relocated to the present site in Amsterdam. I cannot wait to visit and spend hours, if necessary, looking at all these handbags.

What Geoff will do while I’m looking is another story altogether. I don’t think he  would get past the first floor somehow. But that’s okay because the “lure of the handbag” for us women is so strong that most women would probably have their own private collection in their wardrobes at home … like I do.

As I said before, you do realise folks: MEN WILL NEVER GET THE ‘LURE OF THE BAG!’

So do not try to explain yourself. Save your breath and just do what is necessary for you to maintain your bag lifestyle. And if you are like me, you will appear with the right bag for the right occasion without batting an eyelid. If not, you could quickly go and buy one if necessary.

What’s more … the men will never even notice!