Day 274 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

So much has happened since yesterday that I am not even sure where to start. Perhaps I should be guided by the song ‘Do Re Me‘ that Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music: “Let’s start at the very beginning … it’s a very good place to start …”

  • First we were off to see Jersey Boys at the theatre:

The boys from New Jersey: the Four Seasons

Nothing prepared me for how truly delightful this theatre production of Jersey Boys would be! Nothing. Here is the blurb:

“JERSEY BOYS is the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons: Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi. This is the story of how a group of blue-collar boys from the wrong side of the tracks became one of the biggest American pop music sensations.”

And as those talented young Australian singers belted out the hit songs of The Four Seasons, Geoff and I were in our glory as the INSIDE STORY about how this band formed, became a huge success and eventually broke up, was played out with narration between the songs.

Perfect! No change to get bored. And where did the time go? When it was all over we walked out into the late afternoon to face reality … and the next thing on our agenda.

The only thing was, reality was leading us to walk smack bang into The Lantern Garden an area full of lanterns strung across a large area as part of the Brisbane Festival (Spring Festival) and not far from the theatre. The Festival was getting into full swing!

  • The Brisbane Festival awaits us:

Lantern Heaven

We had morphed from Jersey Boy Heaven to Lantern Heaven with the culmination of the Festival, Riverfire, exploding at 7pm that night in fireworks over the river with the tall buildings of Brisbane City in the background.

Within a short time, we were having drinks with friend Greg, who had joined us by catching one of our ‘City Cats’ (the catamarans that glide up and down our river day and night ferrying people about) to Southbank where the Festival is held. We love these City Cats! Later when we lined up for over an hour in light rain to catch one home to Greg’s place we wondered how long this love affair would last …

  • Riverfire: the culmination of the Festival begins

This was indeed the highlight of the day. Greg had booked for us to dine outside at a restaurant which overlooked the river (and away from the large crowds) and therefore we were able to see the brilliant fireworks light up the Brisbane sky almost from where we sat. The cries of “Aaah …”  every time something beautiful exploded was so predictable but no other word would come out of our mouths in the presence of such amazing fireworks!

So folks, you could say that no sooner had one treat finished (Jersey Boys) than another one began (Riverfire) and we were pretty high by the time we headed to the City Cat Terminal to catch our ferry home. A bottle of red wine certainly helped the surge upwards at this stage.

  • Meeting people at the ferry

Now, as much as I love going to the theatre, eating a nice meal, meeting up with a friend who is great fun and watching fireworks at a safe distance from large crowds, I LOVE MEETING PEOPLE even more! And so as the men waited in line at the ferry terminal, I sheltered nearby from the light rain and had one of those experiences of meeting someone with whom you just click from the moment you meet.

The Shirt that tells the time!

She was a young woman studying in Australia for her Masters Degree and hailing from Saudi Arabia. I was astounded as she was not wearing a veil but she assured me “when in Rome do as the Romans do!” And to my question of women being allowed education in Saudi, she replied most definitely!

All the while we were chatting (probably 30 mins) I could see Geoff and Greg in the line chatting to a couple. The man had a tee-shirt on which appeared to have the time printed on it in large numbers and they lit up … and the time kept changing! It was the only way I could see where ‘the boys’ actually were … the man with the time tee-shirt.

As the line began to move I farewelled my new friend Anood (promising to keep in touch) and went to the line to meet the ‘time man’ with his wife. Little did I realise, but the boys had become as friendly with this lovely couple: Roger and Wendy Joy, as I had become with Anood. They were ‘best buds’ by the time I arrived.

Friends, I think this last part of the night sent me from Cloud Nine to Cloud Ninty-Nine! The timer was about to reach 100 and I could easily be tipped over the edge … but not yet. Good conversation with Roger and Wendy, especially about Life With Tess the Blog (a bit like ‘Jersey Boys the Musical) really made my day and by the time we hopped off that ferry and floated home to Greg’s unit, we had well and truly tipped over the edge of the 100 mark!

The love affair with the City Cats

Later, as we sipped tea on Greg’s balcony watching the City Cats come and go delivering people to their homes, we chatted and laughed about our day including the text message I had just received from Anood.

When we went to bed I wondered if sleep would ever come as I mulled over so much activity in one day. I was thinking about Anood and her homesickness in a different land, and about Wendy Joy and Roger with the time on his shirt, so joyful and happy with each other and hoped they would keep in touch.

I was so glad our day had ended with PEOPLE. You see,  after a day of wonderful entertainment and fun it is always – for me –  interactions with LOVELY PEOPLE that makes my day worthwhile.