Day 269 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Someone should have told me it was half-price Tuesday at the movies when my granddaughter Alice and I lined up to buy tickets today.

It is after all, the first week of school holidays and I was unprepared for the deluge of  kids who were spilling out of  our local Cinema. I was shocked to say the least at the sea of children … and inexperienced at all this.

Normally, I avoid shopping centres and movies when it is school holidays and here I was inflicting it upon myself ON PURPOSE! What was I thinking?

Next we had to stand in  a long line with our tickets waiting to be let in to see our movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid … Dogs Day” while we juggled popcorn, drinks and lollies.  We were waiting for the previous session to come out so it was a 30 minutes wait, but while we waited I looked around and sure enough I could see quite a few grandmothers with their grandchildren. I felt right at home.

Even though I have been a grandmother for almost 11 years, I have never taken any of my grandchildren to the movies as they have lived away in Sydney for all of their little lives. However, this was the first opportunity I’ve had to take them to the movies  since they moved back to Brisbane … well Alice (11) today and Violet (6) on Thursday.

And this led me to start talking to another grandmother standing next to me in the line. I asked her how SHE enjoyed seeing these children’s movies and she was most enthusiastic reassuring this novice grandmother that I would love the Wimpy Kid movie as she had seen the last two of the series and had loved them! She really enjoyed taking the children to the movies she told me.

You see, ringing in my ears were the words of my son-in-law Steve to Alice: “Don’t be upset if Grandma doesn’t like this movie Alice; she may get a bit bored.” In my mind’s eye I could see myself falling asleep as the kids in the movie droned on about all sorts of things that did not interest me one jot. Was I going to survive it? Oh well, brave face and all that …

I could tell the grandmother I spoke to was highly experienced at doing this by the way she was interacting with her two grandchildren and that’s why I had sought out her opinion. She was lovely and we ended up sitting nearby. After the movie finished, she enquired as to how it all went and when I reported favourably, she said:

“You’re going to have a lot of fun in the future taking your grandchildren to all kinds of movies! I may even see you here again.”

You know, I think she may be right! I loved watching the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid … Dogs Days” with Alice and laughed out loud (and hard) on several occasions at the funny situations that occurred. Who would have thought this would happen folks?

You know, I had come to this day with a little bit of apprehension but as the time came closer for Steve to drop Alice off at my house, I had decided to look for Wonder in my day rather than expect the worst.

All I could see before me was a plethora of movies stretched out over the week:  Kath & Kimderella yesterday, Wimpy Kid today and a Tinkerbell movie on Thursday with Violet.  Perhaps I should just camp out at the Cinema all week?

Okay I must confess that I don’t love movies THAT much that I want to go three times in four days! Dread was beginning to fill my soul. It was at this point that I was reminded – yet again –  of the need to look for Wonder. And of course, I was not disappointed!

I found Wonder in many ways today but mostly I found it in being part of a huge (mainly children) audience giggling and finding delight in a 14 year old boy and his mates doing things that only boys can do like embarrassing themselves regularly as well as oogling the girls.

Being with children enables you to see things through their eyes and as Alice and I shared lunch together and discussed the movie afterwards, I realised why the grandmother who had encouraged me, enjoyed taking her grandchildren to the movies.

A rich and rewarding experience …

It is because it forms a bond with them, that can be formed no other way. It gives you an insight into how they tick and it opens conversations that cannot be opened in other ways.  I do feel very grateful this afternoon, that I decided to take Alice to the movies rather than sit here at home and babysit.

What a rich and rewarding experience it was! Wonder came and bowled me right over folks, in so many ways that I have not had time to write about here.  Oh well, the trifecta of movies is coming up on Thursday, so let’s see if I still  feel the same way after the third movie is done and dusted …