Day 268 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

It happens every morning without fail. If it doesn’t happen Geoff and I begin to wonder what has gone wrong and go in search of answers. ‘It’ concerns Sandy, our fourteen year old part Himalayan Persian cat. What happens you may ask? Picture this.

Around 7am Geoff and I are having our morning cup of tea in bed before facing the day. It is a nice time to discuss the happening of yesterday as well as plans for the day and then without warning “it” begins.

The cat races through the hallway on our floating floors and skids into our bedroom, turns around, runs back out – sliding on the floor as she goes – into the dining area. Next minute she can be seen running/sliding back along the hall and into the bathroom and out again. Things can go on like this for a few minutes and then it is over.

Geoff and I sit in bed and watch this fiasco every day as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a cat to do whilst the owners look on, cuppa in hand. This is all we need, a hyperactive cat!

I came up with a theory this morning about the cat’s activity, with which Geoff concurs. Geoff or I feed the cat while getting the cup of tea going and by the time we are in bed sipping the tea, the cat food has been ingested and caused an energy surge to kick in and therefore the cat is driven to work off all that energy by running around. Sounds about right?

Cats like this need their daily fix …

The cat did not participate in this activity when we had carpet in our Lounge Room and Hallway. No. It is only since we had floating wooden floors put down eight years ago that the cat has fallen in love with skidding on floors.

Perhaps she is like a base jumper who just HAS to jump off of high places to get kicks? In this case, the cat HAS to go “skating on floor boards” to get her fix for the day? Or perhaps there is caffeine in the cat food and she is a bit like people who drink too much Red Bull (you know, the energy drink) and go crazy?

Whatever it is we may never know but this morning, something was different. Geoffrey had joined in being as hyperactive as the cat. And no, he had not been drinking Red Bull  … or caffeine and he wasn’t skidding on floors for fun either. He was affected in a purely human way.

While he was making the tea, he had managed to put on two computers: the lap top in one room and the desk top in another and was “doing things” with photos on both! By the time he came in with the tea and I had opened the blinds etc I could tell he was a little jumpy and half way through his cuppa, he “had to go’ and do more things with photos.

It was then that I told him he was as hyped up as the cat and suggested – ever so kindly – that he should calm down a little. This was his reply:

“You and I need to go to the movies today so that I can calm down.”

What?? Where did this come from? I suggested that he try sitting quietly somewhere and reading a book. Even the cat skulks off and hides in the bushes to rest after all her running around. Surely, he could take a lesson from his beloved pussy cat? I did point out that he had bought a book to read two weeks ago and he has not gotten past page four. What was happening to that book?

Of course, the book was none other than ‘Fifty Shades Darker‘ by E.L James. Yes, of course you are right, she is the author of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey” and ‘Fifty Shades Freed.’ Geoff wanted to find out for himself what this author was on about and ‘happened’ upon ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ selling for $10 and promptly bought it. (Perhaps the price should tell him something?)

Now at this stage, I have to mention that whilst I have been married 41 years to Geoffrey, he has read two books in all that time. Seriously, Geoff has many talents – one of them being Action Man – but reading books is not one of them. Sorry Geoff, but this is the truth. So folks,  it will be interesting to see if he gets past page 4 any time in the future.

I have been tempted to read it myself but when I start looking at it, I am warned off by “His Honorableness” not to touch it as I read enough for both of us and this is HIS territory. Yes Sir! I may be waiting for an awful long time to read it …

So there you have it folks: a hyperactive cat and a hyperactive husband. Just what every women needs.  In the end, Geoff and I did go to the movies to quieten him down. An Australian comedy was showing called “Kath and Kimderella” and as we had watched this hit series on TV and enjoyed it, we thought we would go along for a laugh.

The ABC website gave this review and I would have to agree with it:

For a true Kath and Kim fan it’s worth a visit – not so much for anybody else.

For my overseas followers, you HAVE to be Australian to even begin to understand these two foxy ladies aka Kath and Kim (‘would be if they could be’ ladies) from Fountain Lake.   It did make us laugh and the scenes of Kath and Kim in Italy were beautiful (it was filmed in Positano) and we came away from the morning session feeling relaxed and happy.

Thankfully, Geoff had now lost his hyperactivity. Sandy the cat was still sleeping in the bushes. And me? I had enjoyed the bonus of going to the movies thanks to Geoff’s need to calm down …

The cast of Kath & Kimderella