Day 266 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Okay my friends, it is update time. You know, time to ‘spill all’ about where I’m at with my Blog Challenge.

Does anyone remember about six weeks ago I said that Day 266 of  Life with Tess would be cause for celebration, but does anyone remember why?

I am sure I am the only one who was waiting for this milestone to come up! You see, it simply means that I have only 100 more posts to write to fulfill my Blog Challenge for 2012. Amazing isn’t it? And why exactly was it so important to me at that time, you might ask?

I must confess it was because the month of August was the hardest time for me to continue writing on this blog! Yep, it was as if I had hit the wall or something … and then of course I got the flu and that didn’t help either. Have you heard of the phrase “Over the Hump Wednesday?” Well, I felt as if I was stuck on Tuesday all month!

Therefore folks, at the time I posted the comment “100 days to go” I was wanting it all to be over …  but today this is no longer the case. In fact, sometimes, I look back on the posts I have written and I cannot believe I have come this far. And I have learned a lot along the way too.

If you were to read my early posts, they began with no pictures or photos but it was only a few days later that I realised how to upload them and from then on, I was away. But, if you look closely they were only tiny pictures. It was as if I was tentatively dipping my toes in the huge ocean and feeling very unsure of myself. And that’s exactly how I did feel.

As the months went on, the pictures on my blog became larger. Yep, I was gaining in confidence! And then MORE pictures appeared as I discovered the world of IMAGES on Google. What a discovery … it changed my blogging life folks. And then I discovered CARTOONS! If you type ‘cartoons’ after your Google search, all these wonderful cartoons appear and as you should know by now: I LOVE TO LAUGH. Cartoons were a natural progression.

And somewhere along the line during this time, I discovered OTHER PEOPLE’S BLOGS. What a discovery! And I with this discovery I realised how many truly talented people there are out in the blogosphere.

Taken in Croatia by a contributor to ‘toemail’

Today for instance I discovered this blog called ‘toemail’  in which every photo on the blog must have toes in the photo! How original is that? And it has been suggested to me by the blogger that I may contribute a photo with my toe/s in the picture. Click on the link if you think you could contribute. What a hoot … lovin it!

And then there is the blog that I found via the Sunday papers called The Happiness Cocktail which is all about healthy food but Yas, the woman who writes it is soo nice. I love that she calls her followers “Happies” when she is writing. I think I should be finding a new name to call my readers instead of “folks.” How do you like the sound of “Lifers” as in Life with Tess people? Yep, I like that. Tell me what you think …

Another clever person who I heard talking on the radio about her Facebook page is a woman who takes photos of abandoned houses or properties in the Brisbane area. It is called Abandoned Brisbane  and I am fascinated by this site. I like the way she ‘skulks’ around and gets in to these places (they are mostly derelict and open so she doesn’t break in or anything). Take a look and if you are a nosy Parker like me, you will find it intriguing.

I am always amazed how bloggers come up with an angle for their blog eg like toes in ‘toemail’, The Happiness Cocktail or even Abandoned Brisbane. How do they come up with these things? Before I began my blog I tried for about three days to come up with an angle. Photos only? No. Poetry? No. Books? No. So, in the end I came up with the perfect solution (as you will find in my first blog post: New  Years  Day)

I would blog about: NOTHING!

And I have been true to my word, have I not Lifers? I blog about Nothing Specific and I love that feeling of being foot loose and fancy free to do as I please. I am like a big kid, who has no parents to tell her what she can and cannot do any longer and that suits me very well indeed!

But I did Google ‘Blog About Nothing”‘ and there are many blogs called by this name with some variations eg A Little Blog About Nothing and THE Blog About Nothing … but they are there for all to find. I wasn’t even original about that!

So Lifers, on Day 266 of The Blog Challenge 2012, I am well on my way to achieving my goal as I soldier on writing this post today: “A Blog by a Blogger about Blogging”. Now that sounds like a good heading for today’s post? Or perhaps the name of a blog? Maybe next year I could blog for 365 days about Blogging?? Surely that would be far too boring? Or would it …. ?

Until tomorrow