Day 265 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I have decided it is Pure Escapism Friday today! It began when I was reading my emails and I came across a gallery of pictures entitled “Amazing Coastal Hotel Views.”

One of the Amazing Coastal Views: Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Sultanate of Oman.

As I clicked through these wonderful views, I was transported into a world of escapism … GOOD ESCAPISM. I had been to none of these countries -bar one Croatia – but because I have visited some amazing places overseas (and here in Australia too) it enabled me to soak up the beautiful photos and dream a little (photos later).

In the meantime, Geoff and I were planning a little escapism of our own much closer to home. It had been forced on us by the need to travel a thirty minute drive away to buy Geoff’s new wedding ring (as I wrote in “How Many Wedding Rings can you lose before…. ?”)

Seeing we were going so far off, we thought we would stop and have a look at son Daniel and his partners latest gym at the huge Carindale Shopping Centre  in Brisbane which was not far from the private jeweler we were obliged to visit. Doesn’t sound like high adventure does it?

Well for those of us who live way out on the fringes of Brisbane, it is always high adventure when you drive more than 10 minutes away!

So back to Carindale: who builds these massive Shopping Centres anyway? We spent 15 minutes driving around and that was just going from one car park to the next as they kept adjourning one another. And even then we ended up miles from the new gym Go Health.

Because we had no idea where we were going, we kept walking and as we did, we marvelled at all the different shops that we never see down in this ‘bushwhackers’ paradise” where we live in the ‘burbs. What a Shopping Centre!

We got excited when we saw an interactive Information Stand  when we entered and being “technologically savvy” we were able to work out how to use it, but the problem was we could not understand the map that popped up telling us where to go. Oh, you had to see us folks, it was a nightmare!

Luckily there were many ‘i-stands’ and so, we were able to navigate from one i-stand to the next. Once there we would receive enough information to go onto the next one! I think we consulted four of these i-stands before we got close. In the meantime, we clocked up 30 minutes plus of walking. Adventures always include walking right?

Finally, panting for breath, we saw the sign saying ‘GO HEALTH”. What a sight for sore eyes. No Daniel in sight, but the kind staff let us have a good look around at this beautiful gym with such class. We had hit the jackpot!

Leaving the centre we were salivating as we passed by everyone eating lunch but our 1pm appointment at the jewellers was pressing. We finally did eat a late lunch at Zac’s Place nearby, a huge eatery which opened out onto a pocket of marshland filled with marsh birds of every description.  It was an amazing place folks!

It’s funny folks, but when you are out of your normal territory, everything seems strange and different. Geoff and I felt as if we were in another town … place … country even. Actually, we were only  on a different side of town …

Griff Rhys Jones with the children from Gujarat

As we ate our lunch we laughed about our “high adventure” saying what a lovely day it had been going somewhere out of our comfort zone.

We came home and, in keeping with our Pure Escapism Friday we took delight in watching a BBC  TV show called “Hidden Treasures of Indian Art” with Griff Rhys Jones about the art of textile making in the Province of Gujarat right up the top of India. Watch this show if you can folks, it is wonderful but here is a little taste:

Griff travels to Gujarat in India, famed throughout history for its beautiful handmade textiles. He goes off the beaten tracks to the towns and villages of the north-west plains and discovers how centuries-old printing, dyeing and embroidery techniques are still the cornerstones to a way of life.

Finally, he travels to the heart of one of the most reclusive and fiercely traditional societies in India, the Rabari, who are famed for their toughness and their astonishing embroidery. Here, women spend years sewing dowry gifts – but can the custom survive in the 21st century?

So that has been our Friday of pure Escapism and in the spirit of Friday Escapism I will leave you with photos of “Amazing Hotel Views” just to whet your appetite for some up, up and away time or perhaps it will help you to dream a little as you take a break from the mundane things of life. Enjoy!

Le Sirenuse, Positano, Italy
Opened in 1951, Le Sirenuse was originally the summer house of the Sersale family.

a Resort in Dubrovnik Croatia

The Caves, Negril, Jamaica
Combining Negril’s stunning azure waters and The Caves’ two acres of beachfront property and you’ve got a recipe for your dream castway-style escape.

The highly awarded jewel in the Grace Hotels Group’s crown. While romantic resort is a haven of minimalist design, it’s definitely maximalist when it comes to scenery.