Day 264 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all!

I have a confession to make: I woke up this morning not feeling too happy. You see, there has been something wrong with my eyes since Tuesday and it was making me feel rather ordinary. They were watering and inflamed and one eye has an ulcer inside the lid.

Everything I had tried did not work and I knew I would need to seek help, so when I crawled out of bed a ‘self-pitying thought’ rose up within me and I thought “Oh bother! What a bummer of a day.” And then just as fast, another thought came and it said “No! Don’t do this to yourself.”

And so, in an attitude of contrition, I felt I needed to kneel by my bed like I did when I prayed as a child. When I knelt I said:

Lord, forgive me, I will not think such negative thoughts, I will get up and I know I will have a good day. I know this because I will look on all the little things that happen with a Sense of Wonder … but I need help. Thank you.”

It was a bit like putting in an order through the internet knowing that after I had paid by Visa, the goods would be delivered! And I knew that this request would be delivered because NOBODY can stop you from having a good day when you have a Sense of Wonder about life. This is not like praying to win the Lottery folks!

Your focus is not on yourself … it is on the Wonder surrounding you

You do not have to feel wonderful. You do not have to be jumping over the moon. No, as I have often been writing about recently, you know that WONDER is EVERYWHERE and it cannot fail you. If God is the God of Wonder, then God will not fail you. Sometimes, you have to do something to help yourself and this was one of those times.

Thus my day began with a change of heart (and mind) and I began to get ready to go out to seek the advice of a Pharmacist. I make a decision to make an effort with getting ready: showering, putting on make-up, a touch of perfume and a quick fix of my hair. I looked rather good and I felt better for it.

The Chemist advised me to see the Doctor adjoining the Pharmacy (which happens to be my doctor’s surgery) and see if I could get an appointment. Well, I had my doubts about that as this surgery is not known for emergency appointments. Still, I would line up … behind the four other people already lined up. Craziness?

I tell you folks, I was three seconds from walking away when a thought popped into my head: “persevere … you will get an appointment.” Laughing to myself I stayed. Imagine my surprise when the Receptionist said “Well, as a matter of fact, your doctor has a spot next up!” The girl did stop to wonder how in the name of goodness this had happened.

And so it was that I was seen quickly and I soon had my antibiotic drops for my eyes, grabbed a few things from the grocery store and was headed home. I could not believe my luck! I was feeling heady, almost giddy now from looking for Wonder and finding it. And more was yet to come my way.

As I drove home, a cyclist – a young strapping fit man in his mid twenties – fitted out in all his lycra cycling gear, was riding in front of me and I had to slow down to accommodate him. As I did, I noted his wonderful physique, all muscle and not one spare inch of fat. I began to admire him.

Now, I am not one of those women who look at men’s physiques and goes ‘ga ga” and oogles them with their taut backsides, muscles  etc etc but today as I was looking for Wonder, I began to appreciate what these women  go on about. Was I becoming an Ooggler??

I began to appreciate the training that had gone into making this fellow into a fine athlete. I wondered about him. What was he doing out here at 11am? Not training surely?

Yep, I had come across Wonder again! After a cuppa with Geoff I proceeded to hang out the washing. As I did, I breathed in the warm spring air as I stood at the clothes line. I couldn’t help noticing the beauty of the blue sky and I felt a quiet joy welling up within me. How great it was not to be working on such a beautiful spring day and I felt grateful.

Next, time to make some soup for lunch as part of Geoff’s mushy diet and my Ayurvedic diet. I said to Geoff that I understood now why Europeans go to the market to shop every day and only decide what they will eat after they have looked at the produce. The ‘wonder of the market’ happened to me!


I had seen some fresh young spring asparagus at the store and had decided there and then “Cream of Asparagus Soup” for lunch and had purchased two bundles of it. Forgetting my discomfort and pain, I was searching now for recipes and soon the soup de jour appeared for lunch and was eaten by the two of us who really  appreciated the effort of “home made” soup.

Can you see it folks … what I am saying? This is how my change of attitude changed my whole day and turned it from a Day of Dread into a Day of Wonder. Then I found the pretty pink ‘How to be Joyful’ picture on Facebook and I knew that that lovely picture said it all so very nicely indeed: “Decide to Choose it … joy.”

Which one are YOU going to choose today dear friends: ‘Dread’ that leads to  Misery or Wonder that leads to Joy?


And now have a bit of a giggle …

I felt a bit like these men.