Day 262 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Sisters? Those of us who have them cannot imagine life without them. I know my daughter Maria always wished she had a sister but alas, that was not to be when a little brother came along instead. I tell her that I don’t think she has ever got over it, but she does feel very close to my two sisters and we often say she is the fourth sister when we are together.

However, when her own daughter Alice begged her mother for a baby sister, Maria duly delivered a baby sister made to order! But it doesn’t always happen that way does it? I was lucky to have two sisters: Margaret 7 years older than me and Jeanette  a mere 3 years older.

We had some wonderful times together in our childhood, with the usual love/hate of children. I was closer to my middle sister due to our ages while Margaret and I fought fiercely at times. However, once maturity came all was forgiven and we are all now close to each other.

Today I spent most of the day with my sister Jeanette at a large shopping complex, eating and shopping and feeling totally relaxed as only one can with one’s sister. I have come home now to write-up my blog but somehow my heart is not in it. My heart is still involved in my lovely day spent with my sister  … and the great bargains we purchased!

But you see folks, I was prepared for this. It’s just that spending time with my sister brings out the creative part of me for Jeanette too is very creative – not so much in words like me – but in so many other ways. Her talent for calligraphy, scrap-booking, folk art and cooking (and many other things) leaves me full of admiration.

And so it is fitting to share my type of creativity with you today: poetry. You see, this last week I have been enjoying the end of the day when the light is fading and dark had not yet come. Perhaps it is because in the spring it is warmer outside and therefore you can enjoy the last part of the day without getting cold. When I moved by nature like this, poetry rises up in my spirit and must come forth on the written page.

For this reason, I quickly composed a poem on Sunday evening and I have been working on it ever since. Even Robert Louis Stevenson wrote  a small verse: “Farewell Fair Day and Fading Light” which is lovely- enjoy it on this link.

 Folks, I really feel it is time to share poetry!

This verse today tells the story of  how I feel at close of day and also what is happening in my neighbourhood. Enjoy!

The Fading Light of Day

Trees stand  in silhouette against the sky

No longer any sign of green abounds

Now just clumps of black against the fading light

Solar lights too, flicker now that dark is nigh

And a cool spring breeze is blowing in.


All is hushed

Not yet night

But no longer day

A peaceful time

Of twixt and tween.


Waiting … as  dinner cooks on hot stove tops

Just as one waits for dark of night

Time to quieten the soul

And prepare for end of day.


Ah yes, the Remains of the Day …

Much achieved this day

But still more to do

Always chores

Yet time to make room for laughter

Companionship and cups of tea

Time to nourish the soul

With food, sunshine and beauty.


I do love this time of fading light

Of day coming to an end

The slowing up as we wait for evening

Birds going home to roost

And sunset glows fading into darkness.


Cries in the neighborhood herald

The bathing time for children

As weary young ones protest

The end of day

And once again I draw the shades

On blackened windows

As the fading light ends yet another day.