Day 261 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Friday was a big day for Geoff. He not only got a new mobile phone, he got a new set of false teeth as well!

This is how Geoff feels about his new teeth!

He says these false teeth have to last him for the rest of his life as he is now 70 and while I am very pleased for him, his new set of teeth is affecting the food intake in our house.

You see, Geoff was told to eat only mushy food for the next two weeks to ‘run in’ his teeth! And I thought it was only new cars that you had to ‘run in’ by not driving too them fast for a while. No, it turns out the same rule applies to teeth! In fact Geoff says he needs to be wearing a sign on his back saying:


I like that idea folks. In the old days, you used to see cars with signs like that saying: “PLEASE PASS: – RUNNING IN” but you don’t ever see that anymore.  In fact, in the interest of educating you all, I found out why you no longer see signs like this.

It appears that Improvements in engineering, manufacturing and oil quality mean that modern cars are much less dependent on this careful treatment for the first few thousand miles.  The website I found explained why it was necessary to ‘run in’ cars:

“It used to be absolutely essential to follow rigorous running-in procedures to get the best life and performance out of a new vehicle. You may even remember the sight of a new car moving slowly in the nearside lane of a motorway with a ‘running-in, please pass’ sign in the rear window.”

See, it is true, I never made this ‘running in’ thing up! Still, it’s a good idea to take a little extra care with a new car apparently, particularly if it’s a car you plan to keep for a long time as reliability, oil consumption and fuel consumption can all benefit from “running in’ your new car by slowing up a little for the first 1000 miles.

Yes, things sure have changed since the ‘good old days‘ but not in the teeth department apparently. Things haven’t changed much there so it’s soup for lunch and cooked up chicken curry for dinner tonight. As long as he doesn’t lose weight and have his new wedding ring fall off (see blog How many Wedding Rings can you lose before … ?)

Now, this business of “running in” got me quite excited so I decided (using yesterday’s blog revelation Sunday Morning Coffee on Google)  to Google ‘running in.‘ I swear you can Google anything at all and something interesting will pop up. And yep, it happened!

Lots of interesting things came up, for example the store ‘Running In’ a specialty store dedicated to running and triathlons and  a Hotel which said “Welcome to Running Inn.” Don’t you just love it?

Now I ask you: how do people get on that do not own a computer? How do they find anything out? I am serious about this. Those who do not have a computer are out of the loop folks! They must live in a world that those of us who cannot live without our computer, only vaguely remembers.

In fact, to prove this point, I had a phone call this morning from our 83-year-old friend Shirley. After the pleasantries she said to me: “Theresa, can you do me a favour? Can you get on your computer and look up the word ARAMAIC for me? And if you phone me back after 2pm and let me know what you found, I would be very grateful.”

Now I should have known that a phone call from Shirley was going to be more than chit-chat. Shirley does not know enough to use the expression “Can you Google it for me?” but she is savvy enough to know that someone like ME would be able to find her information ‘on the computer.’ This mysterious object that she has no idea about.

This says: “I think he is ready to start using the computer. He just said “Google.”

Not just content with a return phone call, she wondered if I might be able to print something out as well. That would be even better!! I believe Shirley thinks I am her secretary. I’ll have to tell her this when I return the phone call ‘after 2pm’. This reminds me, it is now 3.45pm and I haven’t even had a chance to Google it yet! Will I be in trouble do you think?

Shirley has never had children but she has been a Senior English Teacher until she retired and I think she feels she is the mother of thousands that she has taught. When you are in conversation with her, she will correct your pronunciation of words telling you the derivation of the word, what it means etc. She will also correct your grammar too.

Therefore, you have to be a hardy individual to have a relationship with Shirley … and yet, once you know her well, you cannot imagine not having her in your life! Amazing the dichotomy that Shirley brings on. I only hope she lives a lot longer yet. Actually she is moving to a retirement village where she will be in a position if necessary, to move on to “higher care” if she needs it.

Ah I have an idea, until people at Shirley’s retirement village get to know her and her idiosyncrasies better, she should have a sign on her front door saying:


Oh Shirley, thank goodness you don’t have a computer and can’t see my blog! Still I have to say, it is meant with the greatest affection. You always make my day …