Day 258 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I have been wondering today about people who lose their wedding rings for one reason or another. This topic came to my attention yesterday while listening to a segment about lost wedding rings on the radio. The stories did make me smile and they brought back some memories of my own.

It reminded me of Honourable Geoffrey who lost his wedding ring last year … not for the first time. No … for the third time! Folks, I want to know what this means? You know, in a Freudian type of way; using psychology to figure out what is going on with losing wedding rings.

Should I be packing up his things and moving him out or is it simply bad luck?

I’ll take it that it is the latter because we have now been married for 41 years and we have always bought another ring when the other was lost. He lost the FIRST wedding ring after 8 years of marriage while digging in the garden. We did not buy another one at that time, but good luck smiled on  Geoff who then happened to dig it up two years later!

Geoff and me at Lindeman Island in 1985 both very trim indeed and soo young.

But … this was the beginning of a trend that was to continue, only the next time – in 1985 – he lost the same wedding ring again whilst on our second honeymoon trip to Lindemann Island sans children.

Losing your wedding ring on a second honeymoon? Is this an oxymoron perhaps? You know ‘a contradiction?’

Poor Geoff, he was swimming in that beautiful tropical paradise off the coast of Queensland when it slipped off his finger! This was the SECOND occasion of a lost wedding ring.

He blamed weight loss for this debacle – and it was true that he had lost a lot of weight because he was doing physical handyman work after he temporarily left his office work behind to try something different. Yes, ‘Gentleman Geoff the Handyman’ was a hit with all the ladies whose patios he built or tiles he laid.

As I was the one who handled the office work, they would all say the same thing to me: “But he really IS a gentleman!” as if it was a shock to discover that there was TRUTH in our advertising. No, it was not just all hype but oh dear, ‘Gentleman Geoff’ was indeed responsible for the losing of his wedding ring.

And so for many years, Geoff went without a wedding ring on that important finger but do you know what? I have never had to worry for one moment that he was up to anything. Now, isn’t that a wonderful thing to be able to say after 41 years? Well … many years ago, there was our Sri Lanka friend that he had once worked with who kept phoning him after her separation, but I blamed HER and not HIM for that debacle!

Geoff would grimace when she called and I finally said to him: “Geoff, you have to tell her to stop calling … or else I will!”  I’m not sure what he did but she finally got the message and stopped calling. We both sighed with relief but we were to laugh at it later even though we did feel sorry for her. Hmmnn … I wonder if he had a wedding ring on during this interesting time?

But I have digressed, where was I again? Yes of course … lost wedding rings. So we now have been through the loss of two wedding rings (okay one was re-found but you get the picture) and we’ve now arrived at the loss of the THIRD wedding ring. It happened last year when we went to Cabarita for a week in our caravan.

I bought this last ring about 10 years ago and by then Geoff was in the habit of taking it off when he gardened or was on the beach. And so it came to pass that it was in a container in the caravan while we sat on the beach and swam. Only this day, Geoff worried about leaving it (and some other valuables) in the van so he grabbed the container and put it in my beach bag. Bad idea!

The lid on the container came off when I was trying to find something in the bag; as I moved the container the ring must have fallen out of it. When we noticed it missing a short time later, we deduced that it fell right out onto the sand. No amount of searching brought the lost wedding ring to light. Even a metal detector failed to locate the ring!

Geoff hasn’t used this excuse … yet.

Well, it was MY fault apparently … that is according to Honourable Geoffrey. I shouldn’t have been mucking around with HIS container etc etc. Now what would Freud say about blaming others for the loss of a wedding ring? It is a fragile excuse methinks.

And now folks, the insurance money has come in and we will soon be able to buy a third wedding ring. But really, is it worth it? Surely by now, Geoff doesn’t need to wear a wedding ring for others to know he is married. Surely??

But no!

The latest word after speaking to Geoff, is that he definitely wants to wear a wedding ring! Phew, it seems that he DOES want to remain married after all! This is a good thing right?

I told him today that there will have to be some rules about the wearing of said wedding ring when purchased. For instance, no gardening whilst wearing it and no losing weight suddenly and having it slip off …  but as quick as a flash, he finished the sentence for me and said “and no wife fiddling around with containers that cause it to get lost …”

Oh well, you can’t win them all can you?