Day 249 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Well folks, it seems I am up and down with this awful flu. One day good the next day not so good and do you know what, I am determined it is not going to beat me!

In fact, I was encouraged yesterday when I watched an interview on TV with Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton (we all know this name by now surely?) When asked by the interviewer how she coped in prison when she knew she was innocent, she made this interesting observation:

“They (the government) may have had my physical body there in Darwin prison but they did not have my mind (and here she pointed to her head). No, I had control over what I thought and how I viewed life. I had control over my attitudes to all those who had put me here.”

I was really impressed by what she said and thought how true it was. Today when I felt sick again, I thought about Lindy Chamberlain and I realised that I too, have choices. This illness may have my physical body but it cannot take control over my mind. A lot of things in life are like that aren’t they?

Much as I am plagued by dull headaches, I can still choose the attitude I will have. So I decided folks, to rest up and be content instead of raging against having this flu that will not easily disappear. And do you know what? I just want it to be over and to get on with things! But it’s not that easy.

Then whilst resting , I was inspired by a story “Seek the Best” in a Winter Meditation book I found on my shelf. I thought I would share it with you.  Be inspired dear friends: when things get you down  keep a good attitude and Seek the Best. I hope you are uplifted by it as much as I was. Here is the extract:

The stone beside me marked the resting place of somebody’s BELOVED WIFE who died in 1863 ‘OF A FEVER’. Beneath her name was a line of script, almost indistinguishable. I looked closer, wondering which biblical phrase her grieving children might have chosen. But it was not a quote; it was a statement:


Eight words. I stood there with my fingers on the cool stone, feeling the present fade and the past stir behind the illusion we call time. A century ago this woman had been living through a hideous war. Perhaps it took her husband from her, perhaps her sons.

When it ended her country was beaten broken, impoverished. She must have known humiliation, tasted despair. Yet someone who knew her had written that she always looked for the best, and always found it …

There was courage in the words … and dignity … and purpose. And a kind of triumph too, as if they contained a secret of inestimable value. What you look for in life, they seemed to be saying, you will surely find.

But, the direction in which you look … is up to YOU.”

Taken from the book ‘A Touch of Wonder’ (1986) by an American: Arthur Gordon. Here is a little more about the book.

A Touch of Wonder

Take note of this child and his sense of wonder at a butterfly

“That’s the title of a wonderful little book by Arthur Gordon that was aimed at helping us to rediscover the joys of living and it really is worth the reading. I pick it up now and then and read again one of its inspiring stories and come away refreshed.

My suspicion is that (even physical) weariness comes on us more because we have begun to lose the sense of wonder than for any other reason.”

Don’t you just love that last bit? Perhaps that is what I am discovering – my own sense of wonder – and as I said before, it is up to ME to cultivate it in MY MIND. No one can take that away from you or me  …