Day 248 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

So young … and innocent

Little did I realise 43 years ago, when I met my husband at a ‘Disco’ at Lennon’s Hotel in Brisbane that I would be celebrating our 41st Wedding Anniversary today. Yes we did ‘disco’ in those days. I will tell you the story.

To begin with, I didn’t want to be at the Disco in the first place! I remember the occasion well folks. I was actually cranky with men generally, as I’d had a couple of bad experiences and in my mind I was sworn off men … forever if need be.

But I had not counted on a friend from work (Coralie) who was desperate to find a girlfriend to go out with her. She wasn’t at all sworn off men. In fact, she was hell-bent on meeting one and begged me to come to Lennon’s Disco with her. She had such a good feeling she said.

Being a soft touch for a girlfriend in need, I agreed but I do remember saying to her “But I don’t want to meet anyone or dance with anyone either!” She nodded in agreement as I went on to emphasize how I would just accompany her and that was all.

However … I should have known better for the night played out a little differently to what I had planned in my mind. I thought I was doing quite well just sitting at the Disco minding my own business and having a cigarette every now and then (no, I can’t believe I smoked either!).

Coralie had accepted a dance early in the night and was having a great time dancing and coming back each time to sit with me – and then she’d be off with the same fellow again the next dance! I was pleased for her; I felt content sitting … and then half way through the night, everything changed.

The local butcher (who I knew) approached me to say hello. We chatted a minute and then he said to me: “I have a mate here who would like to dance with you.” Well, being in a man-hating mood, I replied “Well, if your mate has a tongue in his head, he can come and ask me himself!” No graciousness whatsoever. Off the butcher went to convey the message.

A few minutes later, a ‘short man in a tweed suit’  came up to me and identified himself as the ‘mate’ who wanted to dance. I took one look at him, sized him up and thought: “too short, looks too old in that tweed suit anyway” and said “No thanks, I’m smoking …”

Well, he would not be put off would he? He replied: “I’ll sit and wait until you’re finished.” I was so cranky that I replied “You’ll be waiting a long time.” He seemed undeterred but at that moment Coralie returned with her ‘new man’ and said he was going to sit with us. What could I do??

But I did question ‘the short man with the tweed suit’  saying “I don’t know why you’re sitting next to me because people will think I’m with you and I’m not!” His reply was: “your friend’s with MY MATE so surely I can stay?” Oh no! And then the butcher joined us as well. I was NOT happy! How had I got myself into this mess?

And so the night slowly came to an end. I finally consented to the last dance with the pesky ‘short man in the tweed suit’ making it quite clear “but I am not ‘with you’.” It is hard to maintain hardness of heart when you are not that way inclined folks!

And so as we walked outside and were walking along the footpath together, Coralie whispered to me: “Theresa, this fellow wants me to come to his flat for coffee, will you PLEASE come with me. I really like him.” After some discussion and more pleading from her, I agreed.

However, ‘the short man in the tweed suit’ was still walking alongside me as we went, so I turned to him and said: “Who said YOU could come?” To my dismay, he replied:

” But … I LIVE THERE.”

Urrrgg! I could not escape this man it seemed. Everywhere I turned, there he was! And every attempt to be free of him was being met with failure. Urrgg … ‘but I live there’ indeed!

I accepted my fate and off we went to a flat not far from where I lived. Well, as the night progressed I found myself in the kitchen alone with ‘the short man in the tweed suit’ so that Coralie and her ‘new man’ could have some space in the lounge room. Fate had intervened.

So what did happen in the kitchen that fateful night? Once ‘the short man in the tweed suit’ was no longer trying to ‘win me’ he relaxed and I discovered a really nice man who I could talk to easily, a conversationalist who struck me as one of the nicest men I had ever met whilst out dancing.

No fireworks went off, yet I somehow felt comfortable with him. IT FELT RIGHT. The ‘short man in the tweed suit’ was of course my husband: GEOFFREY!

And so my dear friends, thus began a courtship which ended in our marriage on 4th September 1971. What a journey it has been. We have travelled the trails of life together, we’ve  had some wonderful highs and quite a few lows but we have lasted the distance. So today I will say:


P.S. Coralie married the ‘new man’ she met at Lennon’s Disco. We both got everything we wished for that night: Coralie by her planning and ‘good feeling’ and me in finding a ‘nice man’ to spend my life with without even knowing I was looking for one …

My sisters as Matrons of Honour and my niece Danielle