Day 247 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

The day is ending and I can feel the cool breeze of evening coming upon the garden outside. Any warmth that was left in the day has now vanished and I am reminded that it is only early days yet for the spring.

The day has been full of unexpected happenings and I have now come to my computer tired and not wanting to write one little jot. The flu has taken its toll on me and I need to rest.  Therefore my friends, this blog today will be short and sweet. This would have to be a first for me!

Remember when I said I would blog every day for 2012 and the minimum was “blog for at least five minutes  every day.”  Well sometimes, even five minutes seems too long! So today I am going to leave you with another one of the spring poems that was written by children and I am going off to rest.

However, it has been a nice day with the smell of pumpkin scones coming from my kitchen earlier in the day, and then a visit from a friend who popped in unexpectedly this afternoon. Yes, I feel content but I know that I have run out of puff.

So now I will be off and leave you to enjoy this poem on Spring.


Floriade which is held in Canberra every year during spring.

Spring Awakening by Miriam Green

Spring is the joy

Of the birds singing,

Raindrops trickling down the gum trees.

When spring is here I am alive,

Everything is rushing to hatch,

All animals,

All flowers,

Now fresh and fragrant.

Everything about spring is airy and new,

Flowing freely, fragile, but strong.

Nothing can break the happiness in spring,

The energy, the laughter, the joy.

Spring is the inspiration for artists,

Fine colours of the rainbow are

The most beautiful to me.

I love spring, the flowers and the rainbow,

the long green grass swaying gently

With the wind , the wind.