Day 244 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I cannot believe it is the last day of winter here in Australia … officially that is. Of course up here in Queensland, we notice the change almost immediately and by the 1st September we are expecting to throw off one of our covers at night and begin celebrating the spring!

I’ve always loved the spring. Even though we do not have a clear delineation between winter and spring here, there are some subtle changes that are taking place and we notice them.

But today is not just the end of winter, it is also a day for our family to celebrate.

It is our grandson – Isaac Henry’s third birthday!

Isaac taken a few weeks ago at Kindy. What amazing curls and note that sense of FUN!

Isaac is the first boy grandchild in the family and the first child for our son and his wife, however his birth on the 31/8/09 did rather take us by surprise.

Like everything, there is a story attached to Isaac’s birth and it began when Belinda (then 29 weeks) and Dan came to visit and I insisted on getting a photo of the pregnant belly of little mother as she had hardly looked pregnant until that point.

Well, that turned out to be the only photo that Belinda would get because one  week later, Daniel phoned on the 30th August to say that Belinda’s waters had broken. She was in the hospital. Oh no! Belinda was only 30 weeks pregnant. What a worry it was!

And so the next day – the 31st August – we were all summoned to the hospital – both sets of parents and Belinda’s sister Melissa – to wait for news; there would be a Cesarean delivery.  Pat (Bel’s mother) and I felt so anxious waiting that we were comforting each other as the time seemed to stretch one and on with no news.

At one point, the two of us happened upon a little chapel near the hospital coffee shop where we were waiting. There on a stand was a Bible. Pat and I – both strong believers – went up and the read the scripture that was open for that day and we were strengthened by it. We prayed that all would be well.

Meanwhile, life is never ever that simple or uncomplicated is it?We had been minding Maria’s cat Isabella for the last year and she was getting old and not quite her old self. She had gone away and hidden in the bushes as cats do when they are ill. Geoff had to find her that morning and take her to the vet. So, before heading for the hospital he had been busy searching the bushes and running around. What else could go wrong?

Well … ME for instance! All I can remember of this time was that I felt very ill. I had been ill for weeks and couldn’t get better. I was told I had a lung infection and asthma. I should not have been at the hospital but I felt I had to be there to support my loved ones and so I put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. I thought I would fall over at times! However, life was marching on …

Finally, after what seemed hours,  little Isaac was born at 1.30pm and he weighed in at 3-1/2 lbs. Such a little fellow but he was doing quite well and there was a good prognosis for him. We saw him in his humidicrib and he looked so frail and tiny!

A couple of weeks later I was finally diagnosed with whooping-cough. I was glad I had seen him twice because then I had to stay away in case he caught anything from me. In fact, I thank God that I never touched him on that first day or was close enough to him to be of any danger.

Our little premmie baby boy Isaac

And so our Isaac, our little fighter, was born 10 weeks premature. Bit by bit, after many ups and downs. Isaac  finally came home  on the 13th November with his Mum and Dad. I wrote in my Journal that night:

“What a lovely thought – Isaac where he belongs! Thank you Lord for the gift of this child. He will be such a blessing to his parents, I just know it.”

Meanwhile weeks had gone by and I had not seen him or touched him as yet and was feeling a little sorry for myself but my turn finally came  a couple of days later when I had my first hold of this gorgeous little boy. I wrote in my Journal:

“A visit to Dan & Bel this morning was wonderful. I had my first cuddle of Isaac. He is so little! Such a tiny bundle of 2 kg. I am so happy and cannot stop smiling.”

And so today, Isaac has to be the star of my blog. He has come a long way in three years: this happy and delightful little boy who has added so much joy to our lives.

It’s a strange thing but true, that you cannot love one child (or grandchild) more than the other. As each one comes along, you open wide your heart even further and your love just keeps on expanding. So today:


P.S. Oh and by the way, Isabella the cat was dying and it wasn’t long before we made that awful decision to say goodbye. She now lies buried with the other animals in our back garden.