Day 243 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Isn’t it interesting how you can come across something and it can change the course of your day? This happened to me today and it was all thanks to Facebook!

I know Facebook comes in for a lot of criticism at times, but I find that I belong to various sites: inspiring ones,  wellness sites, spiritual sites, news sites and various other sites that pop up every day with something that makes my day.  All  kudos to Facebook for inspiring me.


Geoff and I had been discussing that as you get older, life demands far more of you. In other words folks: it seems to take more energy to make the effort to go and do new things but this should not stop you. In fact, it is imperative that you do!

Now this quote could be like a lot of quotes you see 1. You don’t know who said it and 2. You may know who said it but you have no respect for that person and so you ignore it.

But not this quote! You see at the end of the version that I saw on FB was the name: HELEN KELLER.

An older Helen Keller; she died in 1968

You all know who Helen Keller is right? We learned all about the blind, deaf and dumb Helen Keller at school when I was girl and I presume that children today still learn about this amazing woman. She has been an inspiration to so many people that her story continues to touch people’s lives down through the generations.

So when Helen Keller’s name appeared on this quote I knew that I should stop and take note as I was feeling just a tad sorry for myself as I recover from the flu. You would think I had been stuck at home for12 months the way I was feeling!

Helen who was born in 1882, was not born blind, but became blind when at 19 months she contracted a fever that left her deaf, blind and therefore mute. She lived in complete silence and darkness until the age of seven. Can you imagine how confusing and devastating that would be for a child?

And so things might have continued if it wasn’t for the entry into her life of another amazing woman named Annie Sullivan who became her teacher and mentor. Ann understood Helen because she had been visually impaired as a child but had her sight restored by an operation when she was 15.

What an amazing thing fate is, don’t you think? That Helen should be saved from herself, an obnoxious and undisciplined child, by a woman who knew a few things about suffering, including being abandoned by her father and placed in an orphanage when her mother died.

Annie Sullivan: just as inspiring

This amazing Annie had done the unthinkable at the orphanage and when the Chairman visited “Anne literally threw herself in front of him crying, “Mr. Sanborn, I want to go to school.” What a cheek for those days! It was 1873 and this sort of thing simply wasn’t done. But Annie did get educated … eventually.

Yes, Life is either a daring adventure … or nothing.

Helen and Annie formed a formidable team and throughout the years until Annie died in 1936 they were companions – even during Annie’s 10 year marriage.

The story of Helen Keller alone is a story of courage and fortitude and overcoming more obstacles than you could imagine, but the story of how Annie saved Helen is even better I think. AH, THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. Both these women inspire us to do better things, to learn, to grow and to embrace life with both hands.

Remember, Helen could hear and see nothing! I cannot imagine how hard it would be not to watch as a sunrise brings forth a brand new day or to hear a baby chortling with mother or look out and see the mountains in the mist … all things I love.

And yet … Life is either a daring adventure … or nothing.

That is how Hellen Keller looked upon her life. She was an an explorer in the best sense of the word: going out to discover new fields, be the first blind woman to get a degree and then travel the world giving lectures and sharing her courage with all she met.

Friends, I want my life to be a daring adventure. I don’t want it to be NOTHING! I want to take risks and be challenged – even if small –  so that at the end of my life I can say “Well, I tried.”

Be encouraged today dear friends: let YOUR life be a daring adventure. Don’t settle for anything less. Or be motivated by this advice I read online:

“Invest in your life!  Start living your dreams or at least start heading in the direction of them.  I believe it will not only add years to your life, but it will cause the trip to be much more enjoyable.”