Day 242 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Ever since I wrote the post “Watching FishI can’t stop coming upon animal stories! I think I could write five blogs right now on animal stories I have come across in the last 48 hours. Still, it’s better than having writer’s block isn’t it?

A couple of nights ago, I was watching a comedy and the couple concerned received a gift from some country friends and what did it turn out to be? A PIG! Who would give someone a gift of a pig I ask you? It was a comedy after all.

In the end, the couple asked some people with a back yard to take care of the pig for them as they lived in an apartment and had no way of keeping it,  but they were adamant about one thing: “He is a pet, please don’t turn him into pork chops when we’re not around!”

This triggered a memory for me folks and I smiled to myself as I remembered being in a situation that was not unlike this pig situation. It happened like this.

Geoff and I had been married just over a year and at that time we were living in a quaint little cottage outside the Brisbane area on a few acres of land that belonged to my father. There was this couple who lived on a farm quite close to us and I became friendly with the wife.

In fact, as fate would have it, Geoff had gone to high school (in another state) with the husband Frank so we got even friendlier and it wasn’t long before we were invited to tea. Now Frank did a bit of farming on the side and he had chickens, a goat and a pig as well.

We sat down to dinner and Glenys brought out a beautiful joint of roast pork displayed on a lovely big plate. Oh great, we thought, some good old-fashioned country cooking! All was going well.  We were eating and chatting and laughing as we ate our roast pork dinner when Glenys said in a matter of fact voice: “Well, you do know you are eating Oinky our pet pig, don’t you?”

I thought Geoff was going to eject that pig meat right out of his mouth and at Glenys but he did manage to swallow it instead. What Glenys had no idea about was:  Geoff was the biggest softie that ever lived and that the mere ‘thought’ of eating someone’s pet pig was more than he could bear.

Geoff had no trouble eating this pig on the ship. Hope it wasn’t the cook’s pet beforehand.

Geoff put down his knife and fork and was unable to eat anymore of this delicious roast pork. Me? I just kept eating and enjoying that meal with Frank and Glenys, pet pig or no pet pig!

Even I did not realise at this point in our marriage what a soft touch Geoff really was when it came to animals. However, as  the years went by, I soon learnt. Take the chickens we raised for eggs for instance. All was well until Geoff decided to kill one for Christmas dinner one year.

He told himself he could do this. He even got down the axe and tied up the chook in the yard ready for action but when push came to shove, he could not raise that axe to chop the head off of that chicken. Nope. He could not do it! Instead, he got the young country boy who lived up the back to come and do the deed. We often tell that story and to this day we still laugh about it.

And the pig too. We are still in touch with Frank and Glenys and now and then when we meet up, Glenys will remember Oinky the pet pig and how Geoff nearly gagged on his dinner.  It has been enshrined in folklore now for all eternity.

Bad taste I know but I couldn’t resist a chicken running around with its head cut off.

I bet when Geoff gets to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter will ask him for the password in order for Geoff to get in. All Geoff has to do is say “Oinky the Pig” and St. Peter will let him in. That’s how far abroad that story has now gone.

So my friends, here you have the story of Oinky the Pig and just for good measure I have thrown in a chicken story as well. It is not every day you get two for the price of one …