Day 239 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

My granddaughter Alice (10) reminded me this morning about Nemo when I was telling her about yesterday’s blog about the fish in the doctor’s office.

You remember the movie Nemo, where the fish escaped from the Dentist’s office, jumped into the toilet and successfully swam out to sea? Well, I don’t think any of the fish I saw in the Doctor’s office were going to have such luck! No, they are stuck in the doctor’s surgery until they die of natural causes I think.

This is ME folks …

Still, I did promise you all the story of the camel who cried called ‘The Story of the Weeping Camel’ which I recorded a few years ago but if I am going to be honest, I am too sick to tell it today! I will have to wait until tomorrow. It’s that dreaded flu that is going around.

Fancy me being: TOO SICK TO BLOG!!

Again I need the chorus: OH NO!!!

I spent all day yesterday in bed rising to write my blog in the afternoon. I was feeling a bit brighter at that stage.  However, I have been obeying my Naturopath/Acupuncturist who told me in the morning “Theresa, go home to bed!‘ She ordered me about in the most motherly, loving way that I didn’t have the heart to disobey. I went home to bed.

She ordered me to have plenty of chicken broth (yep, it’s true about chicken soup for the soul), plenty of hot lemon drinks laced with grated ginger. She actually said “eat as much ginger as you can!

Another remedy was to put as much Vicks Vapor Rub on your chest as you can and put a hot wheat bag over it. Keep doing this throughout the day and it was ease your cough and your congestion. It has helped enormously.

So if anyone out there is ill, listen and learn. Anjeleen also put ‘portable accupuncture points on me hand and legs for my coughing, fever etc etc. I kid you not! They are like little band-aids with small needle points underneath. They stick like glue and you rub them throughout the day.

Not quite this bad …

Before I go, I must just say (see I simply cannot help myself once I get started) that when Maria’s girls arrived last night for Geoff to mind them (he did all the work folks) Violet (6) came in to my bedroom and whispered “Grandma, here is 50 cents I found. I want to give it to you to make you feel better.

Alice appeared later with a home-made card – a Get Well Card and when you opened it, taped inside was a chocolate honeycomb bar. I couldn’t believe it.

What a lucky grandmother I am to be so loved! And on that note I will sign off and go back to bed but don’t say I haven’t blogged today because I have!!