Day 237 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Now that I am home – yet again – I would like to show you the lovely photos I took during our few days at Caloundra. But first, let me tell you the state of things. Yesterday, thanks to a dodgy internet, I thought I was going to miss my very first day of NOT BLOGGING!!

I can hear you all now: Oh No!

Say it again … but this time in chorus and louder: OH NO!!!!

Yes, it was THAT bad and the fact that I even managed to post it at all still amazes me. It did not help that I was ill but that was not the reason it nearly failed to happen. Luckily I had kept a Word document running through the day (when I got bored up on that 9th floor alone) because the post kept getting lost!

Then we came home and what did we find? We had NO INTERNET ACCESS!! I suspect gremlins in the works here folks. Some dark force is trying to stop me from blogging EVERY DAY of 2012. But my wonderful husband, not easily daunted, phoned Telstra (internet company) for me and put some money on my portable internet stick to help me get my blog posted.

It might have helped if we had done that before we left home, but as I knew I had free wireless in Caloundra I never bothered. I SHOULD HAVE BOTHERED! Anyway, onwards and upwards. Never defeated.

Tomorrow life returns to normal. I am slowly improving but am making sure I get plenty of rest. I saw Alice with her mother today on the way home and she said “Grandma, I hope you are a lot better, I have been praying for you.”

I thought this was lovely and then I remembered why she said this. On Wednesday, I had been lying on her bed (dying with the flu) while waiting to go to Grandparents Day and I had said to her “Alice Remember that story about Lazarus I read you recently, how Jesus rose him from the dead? Well, you better start praying for me to be raised to life from my bed so I can go to Grandparents Day.”

It appears she took it to heart! Thank you Alice …

So now folks, will you humour me by allowing me to finally share my photos and tell the story of our little break from the routine of life (hang on, what routine? My life has NO routine lately).

On Wednesday evening watching the tide go out over Pumicestone Passage

The Glasshouse Mountains from the back patio getting ready for a sunset

Zooming in on a couple of the mountains

The sun about to set but not over the Scenic Rim: further along

Almost dark now. On Thursday night the whole skyline was a panarama of red as far as the eye could see (180 degrees) but I was too ill to take photos! Geoff took this one Wed. night

I got up from my sickbed at 6.15 am to take the start of the sunrise over Pumicestone Passage on Thursday morning. See the balcony in the foreground.

The sun is rising higher over the clouds now. It’s going to reveal a beautiful clear day which it did.

Aha … now that’s a SUNRISE! It was worth getting up for …

Meanwhile, whilst I was dying in bed, I sent Geoff off to enjoy himself on the land. He had a great time talking to the locals and getting photos. This one is taken looking towards all the Resorts (ours of is first one on right fully visible)

In the afternoon, Geoff went off to a Wyndham BBQ for us owners while I stayed in bed. This is the view from my bed. Glorious isn’t it? If you are going to be sick, this is the place to do so!

While Geoff was busy socialising I had a spa. Of course I am not in it! Who do you think took the photo?? Moi of course.

Until tomorrow …