Day 236 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Well folks, I am recuperating today from the flu so I will give you a blog about my ‘little life’ here in our apartment overlooking Pumicestone Passage in Caloundra.  Here is my day:

10 am

It is so nice sitting on the patio here on our 9th floor apartment overlooking the water and writing this blog. Earlier, Geoff had cooked me two nice runny eggs – just as I like them – for breakfast. I had got out of bed where I was resting, to eat breakfast in the sunshine and drink the real coffee that Geoff had made.

I felt so pampered and spoilt but I was not about to knock it back after the last couple of days pushing myself onwards! Geoff has gone off for a swim and some pool time while I rest up. I simply cannot feel envious as I don’t have enough energy to care. Still, it is nice here drinking my hot lemon drink laced with honey. Perhaps I need to lace it with something stronger than honey as well?

I did notice that Geoff brought some Fijian ‘Bounty’ rum (read cheap) with him and I was tempted to add a bit of this high alcohol content to the mix! Heavens knows what it has in it?? It is 58% proof which is pretty potent. At least I am not taking any drugs to keep me going this morning so that has to be an improvement.

There is so much to see here on the patio which just goes to show you do not have to be out and about on the ground to see things happening. As I write, the tide is coming in and the bare patches of sand are filling with sea water that is a blue-green colour which sparkles as the sun shines on it.

There is a lot of activity on Pumicestone Passage as I watch: two people paddling in canoes enjoying the water and a ferry of some sort that seems to come and go … but I’m not sure exactly where from or where to? Beyond the passage there are tankers anchored in the ocean, waiting as Geoff tells me, to get the ‘all-clear’ to come into port.

Below me on the ground are Wyndham’s pools and now and again, I hear screams and giggles from those having fun in the wave-shaped pool. Geoff is down there. In fact, from the balcony I see Geoff on a sun-lounge relaxing by the pool listening to music.


While I have been resting, I move only between our bed and the balcony, I have been reading a book called “Circle of Three” by Patricia Gaffney. It is a delightful little book, the perfect easy read for someone recuperating in bed.

It is the story of three generations of women and how they interact with each other but what I love about it is: it is funny! I find myself laughing often and then I put down the book to think on it for a minute and fall asleep.

Now THAT too is funny! I must need it. Meanwhile Geoff is coming and going looking after me in between activities. Now where was I with this book? I know … the part where the girl’s boyfriend loves kissing cows …


At lunch time Geoff appeared with a DVD to watch – one of my favourites – Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson in the lead role. I have written about this movie before so it was pure escapism once again as pictures of Paris came up and I was transported back to 2008 when Geoff and I strolled along by the River Seine at night taking in the ambiance of Paris our favourite city.

Meanwhile Geoff has, once again, fallen asleep during the movie! Far too deep and meaningful for him poor boy. His genre is action movies but he said “he was thinking of me …”

And on that note I will be off to have another little sleep.

PS Sorry no photos again as internet cannot handle it.