Day 235 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all


I know I know, I’ve just come back from holidays and minding children and I am now in Caloundra for three days in a lovely resort on Pumicestone Passage. What a good life it is!

You can see Pumicestone Passage between Bribie Island and the mainland.three days in a lovely resort on Pumicestone Passage. What a good life it is!


For my overseas followers, Caloundra is an hour and half drive north from Brisbane. It is a lovely beach town on our Sunshine Coast. Geoff and I often get away as we are members of a holiday credit company and can use our credits to stay at various resorts around the world.

Yes, we are truly blessed! We booked this getaway months ago thinking it would be nice to take some time-out after child-minding … so here we are.

The thing is I had no idea that my plans would be challenged by catching a cold which turned worse overnight and by the fact that our darling six-year-old Violet, would give me an invitation to Grandparents Day for this very morning.

So, as every good grandmother should, I again dosed myself up (as I did yesterday) with all sorts of drugs to attend Grandparents Day alone as Geoff was working. But it meant I had to leave the house at 7.30am for Geoff to drop me off.

Oh, it was hard going! But I was motivated to keep going by Violet’s look of excitement when she told me about the day. And do you know what? It was worth every bit of fortitude that was needed to sit on small chairs and help cut out boxes, stick on bits of ribbon etc to make a bird feeder with Violet just to see her eyes light up at seeing me there.

And into the bargain I gained a granddaughter when the teacher asked the children who would take a child that had no grandparent present today. A darling little Indian girl said: “I want to go with Violet!” Oh it was adorable folks.

Violet took Esser’s hand and gently brought her over to me saying “Grandma, this is Esser.” My heart melted. So as sick a grandmother as I was, I had one child on one side and one on the other saying “Look … look at what I am making.”

A little voice inside my head was saying “Just give me a nice bed with a soft pillow” and my real voice was saying “Well, aren’t you clever …” It was all smoke and mirrors it really was.  But the other grandparents were so lovely that I was soon powering along and eating lovely home-made cake whilst drinking tea and chatting.

Violet would not let me out of her sight and wanted to show me her friends and Bampy arrived just in time to see what was going on. He whisked me away so we could head to Caloundra for our so-called ‘get-away’ which was in danger of being sabotaged by all the things that were going on around me.

But folks, the good news is we made it to Caloundra and so now I am sitting here on my lap top and in front of me is a beautiful view of Pumicestone Passage with the tide out and on the right are the high-rise resorts of Caloundra and further afield are ships making their way out to sea.

The Glasshouse mountains in the distance

On the other side of the apartment I can see out my bathroom window (or I can go and stand on the patio) and watch the sun go down over the Glasshouse Mountains. Once again, for those who do not know, these mountains are all different shapes and sizes and they dot the horizon along what is called The Scenic Rim. Such a beautiful sight.

I feel soothed already being here. I have no intentions of cooking as we were recommended take-away at the Noodle Box café by Mary selling Bali and Thai homewares, clothes and earrings next door. Geoff and I had a fascinating conversation with this woman who divides her time between Bali and Caloundra. What tales she told!

So now it’s time to rest up and as the sun sets over the Glasshouse Mountains I will conclude my blog and bid you all adieu …

PS I did take some lovely photos but the internet here is slow and will not put my nice photos on my blog. Sorry about that!