Day 234 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I have been saving a series of lovely photos the last couple of weeks waiting for an opportunity to share them with you. Today I have come home from meeting with friends and thought it would be nice to share how I felt about my morning in a series of pictures as well as in words.

Come with me and take the journey of my day…

This morning I woke up with a cold but I was so excited about having breakfast with two dear friends that I dosed myself up on drugs to stop sneezing, drugs for pain, throat spray for irritating cough and nose spray for blocked nose and I was just fine. I wonder why? The breakfast was lovely but not quite an ideal location as this one.  Still, my cooked breakfast was rather lovely as I usually eat porridge every day!


Meeting with long time friends feels a bit like entering a tree-lined avenue like this one. Because you know these people so well, you feel free to share and tell each other things that need to be said. It’s because you feel safe and protected from heat and sun.  Not that I have read 50 Shades of Grey but I think this picture gives you 50 Shades of Green … none of which is kinky.


When you first meet up with friends you begin by sharing the things that are on the surface of your life … you know the things you can see – the mundane day-to-day things.

However, after you’ve eaten and by the time you are onto your second cup of tea or coffee, you have now entered into a deeper realm revealing those things buried deep within you that no one else knows about … except for your close friends.

Just as well your ‘mere acquaintances’ do not see the mass that is below the surface or else they would run a mile perhaps? Your good friends can handle it.


It is not that you and your friends haven’t had any disagreements over the years or that you have always seen eye to eye. No. Over twenty years of friendship there have been challenges and yet somehow, with the grace of God, forgiveness has occurred and as the sign says, you simply refuse to let go of people who have stood by you and loved you regardless of your foibles.



And then when you see that time is getting away and you must take your leave, you feel as if you are walking on air. Your troubles have diminished by sharing them. Your heart feels lighter from the laughter that has occurred in between all that talking.

As you walk away, you enter another world and I swear folks, that you see flowers all around you as you enter into your ‘normal’ world to live your life in the routine once again.


Returning home to the mundane, you now have time – in the silence as you go about your day – to mull on all that has been said. You discover many things in that silence. You mull on the hope that has been given to you by your friends – if hope was needed. You think on the love and acceptance that has been extended to you. Yes my friends, and in the silence you are made strong.


And then, as the night comes on, you feel as if your day has been greatly enriched and you wish to share the beauty of it with all and sundry. Then you come across a picture such as this and know that this Star Trail captured by Australian Geographic is the perfect way to end your blog…

Until tomorrow

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