Day 232 of 366: Blog Challenge

Hello all

This morning it was nice to wake up in my own bed, after a week at Maria’s house, followed by a cuppa in bed and a read of the Sunday papers. I love it!  Later on, I indulged myself by sitting in the sun to finish my paper reading and catch up on the magazine ‘The Week.’ 

We are out again tonight. This time for a very belated family birthday dinner – Chinese – for Geoff’s 7oth Birthday. We do need to let the family celebrate Geoff’s big birthday, even if the two of us have already done so on our cruise. Time to party!

So today was a nice time to relax and unwind after our busy week. Some of the things I read, made me smile, others made me cranky and still other things were simply unbelievable! Do you ever feel like that after reading the newspapers? And then you ask yourself “What is it all about?”

As usual I have no answers but I thought I might feel better if I was to share these news stories with all of you. Let me know what you think folks. Okay here goes:

1. “Yes, we’re FAT & loving it”

This was an article on two ‘FAT’ women  (their terminology not mine) and how they came to terms with their overweight selves after too many years of self-loathing. It really cheered me up no end reading Zoe and Kath’s story. They have been part of a study regarding attitudes to fat people and this has brought them into prominence with the media.

Zoe Holmes as shown on her blog

These two gutsy women are an inspiration to anyone who struggles with their weight folks. And to think I was complaining about my bulges last night, but after reading these stories I have been silenced. What am I whingeing about? These women have tried everything to lose weight without success and so they have done the next best thing: they have turned their FAT story into a positive.

Zoe now blogs about “fatshion” part-time when she not doing her real job at a university. Kath is a punk librarian (with pink hair) who loves tattoos and now writes a blog called ‘Fat Heffalump … Living with Fattitude”. Kath love pink as you can see by her blog:

I was so inspired by reading about these women. They have decided to live life “wilfully, offensive, obnoxiously fat. All over the damn place.” And to end this piece let me quote from the newspaper:

“Zoe and Kath are having the time of their lives. Since discovering the fat acceptance community and learning to embrace their bodies, their confidence, self-esteem and outlook have flourished.”

So there folks, take a leaf out of Zoe and Kath’s book and “be 110% yourself.” I told you this was a great story! It just shows that all of us have our challenges but how we handle them is what counts.

2. Airline’s Gender Discrimination

I heard this story first on the radio and then read about it in The Week. It seems that our two major Australian airlines are not allowing males to sit beside unaccompanied children on flights. You know … as if the men may be latent pedophiles.

Well, guess what? The men are up in arms and they are complaining about it. Do you blame them folks? One is a fireman who runs into burning buildings to save children and the other a male nurse who nurses children.

It appears that these men could sue the airlines (and win) “very very easily” as the paper said. Let’s see what the next episode in this strange little saga will turn out to be? The airlines say they are “reviewing their policy.” Surprise surprise!

3. Blurry glasses for ultra-Orthodox men in Israel

This one takes the cake … but is it true? Oh well, it was a news item so it must be … mustn’t it?? Here is what I read:

“Blurry glasses are being sold to ultra-Orthodox men in Israel to stop them inadvertently eying up women. They feature stickers over the lenses that render anything beyond 2.5 m out of focus.”

Of course you know why … it helps them avoid sexual temptation, doesn’t it? Here’s a thought: has anyone ever thought of the idea of “will power?” I like what this website said: “One day they will develop glasses that make women invisible.”  Read more about it here:

Have you noticed how some religions are becoming more controlling of their people whilst others are changing the rules to let their people do what they ‘feel’  like?


Well, there you have it folks: the news stories that captured my attention today. Don’t say I haven’t given you some very interesting information,  so on this note I will be off to eat Chinese and chew the fat with family.  I think there will be some laughs in there also and don’t we all need that …