Day 231 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Let me begin my blog today by saying: WE ARE HOME!!

We went to Alice’s Netball Grand Final this morning (she lost but still the team did us proud) and then we hot-footed it home to the outer suburbs where we live. As I write this blog, my pea and ham soup is bubbling away on the stove for dinner tonight and I am in old dags and feeling very comfortable indeed.

But my mind is still lingering on the morning and all the things that transpired at Alice’s Netball Final today. There was high activity and lots of parents cheering the girls on.  But there were also two old dears sitting near us who looked like great-grandmothers rather than grandmothers and they were all rugged up against the freezing wind that was blowing. They were obviously enjoying the game.

I thought how wonderful it was that, as old as they were, they had braved the cold to come and watch their grandchild play in this final.  Maria whispered to me at one point that she had just overheard one of the old dears saying to the other:

“Every day that we can stand up and put our feet on the ground is a good day.”

We play a vital role

We really laughed about it and I thought what a great philosophy they had at their age. I was feeling really tired after a huge week of child-minding and it uplifted me greatly. And it made me think about grandparents and what a vital role they play in the lives of grandchildren.

I have written before about my lack of closeness to my own grandparents. I remember my friends at school talking so lovingly about THEIR grandparents and I wondered what it would be like to have such a relationship. But, you know what, just because I didn’t have that relationship doesn’t stop me now from having a wonderful relationship with MY grandchildren.

Perhaps it is the very reason why I do have a good relationship with them? It may be because the little girl who still lives in me, remembers what it was like NOT to be close to a grandmother and therefore considers it important enough to make the effort for her own.

I came across this quote today: Grandmothers are just antique little girls.”  ~Author Unknown. I like the fact that as a grandmother I have the freedom to be an antique little girl and have fun!

This morning Alice showed me what she was writing in the new diary that her mother brought her home. I cannot remember the exact words but it was something to the effect “I am so glad my grandma is coming to watch my netball final today because she used to play netball when she was a girl and so she gives me hints on how to play …”

My heart melted. And to think, due to my tiredness this morning , I was wishing I could go home instead of heading to netball. I was sufficiently berated folks. I was so glad I was at that game today.

But there is something else about grandmothers that I discovered today from being at netball. They are not just grandmothers of the child they are cheering on. No.They are everyone’s grandmother!

When they see children do something exceptional, they have the cheek folks … yes the cheek … to tell them so. You see it is cheek because no one else would go up to the opposition team after they won the game and say to the them: “Congratulations girls, you played really well. You actually deserved to win this game today and I wanted to tell you so.”

Yep, that was me folks. But I was also cheeky enough to go up to Alice’s team and tell them how hard they had tried and that they should be proud of themselves. Both times, the girls basked in the praise and I could see they stood taller because of it.

But this was not the end of the matter. No. I had NOT counted on yet ANOTHER grandmother – who overheard me talking to our team – come up to me and thank me for what I had said to the girls. “That was so nice of you to give praise to the girls” she said. She then told me how she had been coming up from the Gold Coast these last four weeks to watch her granddaughter play.


Here is a new book that is on the market: looks great.

And then, when I arrived home this morning and opened my mail, here is a letter from Violet to Grandma and Grandpa inviting us on Wednesday to a Grandparents morning in her class room with a cup of tea afterwards.  Violet had warned me that such a letter was coming from the school.  She is beside herself with excitement folks.

You see: “What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies.  ~Rudolph Giuliani

But really if the truth be known, I do believe that it was as a grandmother that my own mother came into her own.  Christopher Morley wrote: “It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace.” 

Hopefully, I can be the same …

“In the Cookies of Life – Grandmother’s are the Chocolate Chips!”