Day 229 of 366: Blog Challenge

Hello all

I have to admit that there is NEVER a dull day when we are surrounded by Alice and Violet on a day off school!

We may not have gone to the Ekka yesterday but we figured a day out at our house (15 mins drive away) and a visit from Belinda with young Isaac would be treat enough. (Mind you, Alice is still saying “I want to go to the Ekka” but that will have to wait until next year my little sweetie).

Violet and Alice’s creations from play dough

The girls love coming to our house ( due to being away they have not visited since early June) as we have a giant craft box full of bits ‘n bobs for cutting up, decorating and painting. Yesterday’s addition of some plasticine (like play dough) which the girls crafted into the most delightful creatures was a huge hit and even Isaac tried his hand by making little balls.

But the biggest hit of the day (the week?) continues to be Alice’s secret language. A day off school was the perfect opportunity to perfect this language – you know tweak it a little – and learn to speak it also. And the language acquired a named when Alice said to me: “Grandma, this is ‘Jubilang’ I am writing.”

Later when talking about the language, she had to ask me: “Grandma, what’s my language called again?” I had to laugh. She has just created this intricate language and she cannot remember what she called it! Even Violet is learning the language. Alice is also teaching her how to read it (remember she can’t read English let alone Jubilang) Yet somehow, Violet looks convincingly at the paper and commences reading things … not sure how?

Jubilang by Alice Parmiter

Alice has written up copies of various words in the language to hand out to all and sundry. I have my copy with me which is marked “Grandma/Tess.” So I can learn it you understand. The language has ordinary names for all the letters, but the letters look like Greek symbols. Here is an example of speaking Jubilang:

To say Grandma: Ox, bed, can, ring, pink, box, can

Mum is easier: Box ten Box

But not only is Alice content to create a NEW language, she is now learning another language at the same time! We can thank Bampy for this as he reminded me of the fact that our generation spoke Pig Latin as children. (Do kids today still speak Pig Latin?)

Alice’s ears pricked up at the mention of ANOTHER language and next minute her and Bampy are Googling Pig Latin. And yes, there it is for all to learn and speak.

Ta da … enter the second sheet of paper headed ‘Grandma/Tess’ marked: Pig Latin. An example of this language follows:

To say Grandma: Randmagay (drop the G and put it on the end of the word with ‘ay’)

To say Mum: Ummay

Who remembers speaking this secret language at school like Geoff and I did? We used to speak it at home too and it drove Mum crazy and oh how we loved doing that! Learn Pig Latin here:

Now, as if there had not been enough activities all day, the girls recalled Geoff telling them the story early in the day of ‘The Boy Who Called Wolf’ as Violet was doing something that warranted such a story and neither Geoff nor I could remember the exact details of this tale! Google to the rescue last night (what was life like before Google?)

Of course that boy cried wolf one too many times and no one believed him. Don’t we all know people like this?

It turns out that the wolf eats the sheep and not the people as per the way Geoff told the tale. It was rather a relief as the kids thought it a bit harsh that the boy got eaten when no one believed him because he cried “There is a wolf behind you!” so many times that eventually no one believed him.

Violet’s eyes lit up as this story unfolded. To a six-year-old all these things are exciting and new. The thrill of learning and the look of wonder as they do learn always gets me in somehow folks. I love to see kids finding things out.

I had always wanted to be a teacher since I was 15 years of age but my mother would not allow it and even later all attempts to become a teacher failed, but do you know what I have discovered through the years? I AM a teacher!

It is not always about being a teacher in the formal sense of the word. No, it is inherent within me and I love to teach. All my work life has led me to teaching and explaining situations to others. Perhaps even this blog serves as a function of my love of sharing what I know to others.

And with those words of wisdom folks, I will end my blog today but I want to leave you with a question: what is it that you are good at doing or that you LOVE to do? There is always something … it is up to YOU to discover it.