Day 226 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Last night, Geoff and I began Round Two of ‘Official Child Minding’ of our granddaughters while Maria flew to Sydney for work.

The girls were pretty excited about our coming and Alice had sent me six text messages (from her mother’s phone) during the day on Sunday. However, as my phone was on silent, I failed to know that she couldn’t wait for us to come.

This turned out to be a good thing actually because we turned up all calm and fresh with no feelings of anxiety. The reason why they were wanting us to come earlier was to show us the elaborate ‘Cubby House” they had built out of boxes in a corner of the garden under some trees.  How clever the whole thing was … with mats and stuffed toys and food. Such creativity!

Violet asked me on Saturday when she whispered in my ear at the Cafe: “Grandma, are we going to have the “Secret Kids Club” again this time? And can we get lollies as a reward.” What she was trying to say was actually “Secret Kids Business” which I wrote about in February. “Of course” I replied.

(Read all about Secret Kids Business on this link:    )

The unfurling of the Olympic Flame

Well, on our first morning, it was easy to get both children up early for school – as soon as I mentioned the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games that is – they were up in lickety-split time! And so we managed to watch some of it in between breakfast and dressing.

We felt sad as we watched and saw the beautiful Olympic cauldron – one of the most magnificent I have seen at any games – slowly unfurl it’s petals and come down to the ground … then slowly but surely each flame went out until none remained.

It was breathtaking folks! But it heralded the fact that the London Games were now over. What would we watch now? And what will I listen to in the middle of the night? I’m used to putting on my radio and listening to all sorts of important finals … but now?

And so today, in the spirit of the Games and the passing of the torch to Rio, here are a few highlights of the Olympic Closing Ceremony. And you’ll be hearing more from me during our week of Secret Kids Business too.

A taste of the next Games: Rio in 2016

What do you think of the Mexican’s wrestling masks? Brilliant methinks.

Nostalgia: The Pet Shop Boys start up the party

The British Supermodels look out of their comfort zone on Centre Stage

Surprise! The Spice Girls reform for the Closing Ceremony!

London hands the flag to Rio …it’s all over after 16 wonderful days of competition.