Day 224 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

When I finally sat down to write my blog later than usual (we’d both been out most of the day) I asked my trusty companion Geoff for some inspiration: “What will I blog about today?” I asked.

For once in his life, even Geoff looked totally blank and was unable to answer. Unusual …

Suddenly having an inspiration, I answered for him: “I know what I’ll do, I’ll write about the vagaries of life.” So Geoff wanted to know “And what exactly does ‘vagaries‘ mean?”  Well, I wasn’t sure I could put it into simple words myself but I knew my rather large dictionary could be consulted if need be.

This is what my Australian Oxford Dictionary told me:

Vagary: n. a caprice; an eccentric idea or act (eg the vagaries of Fortune). Caprice: n. an unaccountable or whimsical change of mind or conduct.

Okay so my idea of ‘the vagaries of life’ meant that things had popped up today which took me to places and led me to things that were totally unexpected. I suppose that I got the gist of ‘vagaries’ quite right even though I was unable to articulate what the word meant!

Now this often happens to me: I know intuitively when to use the word but I am unable to define it without the help of the dictionary. An interesting talent to say the least.

And, you may ask, what were the ‘vagaries of my day’ anyway? Of course they concerned one of my granddaughters didn’t they? And they involved a promise that had been made to Alice to come and watch one of her last Netball games this morning but then regretted when the time was drawing nigh.

Last night as the winds blew in a bout of freezing weather conditions, Geoff and I decided we would give the game a miss as too much was happening eg this coming week minding these same grandchildren from Sunday to Friday. But then, whilst awake through the night, we both knew we could not let Alice down and not turn up.

A grandmother simply cannot make a promise and then renege folks! It is not done … and not kosher either. And so it came to pass that by 9.45 am we were on the road to netball in a suburb 30 minutes away, rugged up with jackets and scarves etc etc.

But, it was all worthwhile in the end, as the look of joy on the face of young Alice when we appeared (and Violet’s too) was worth braving the cold winds to come out. Then God smiled on us to show us how much it all meant. Alice’s team went from losing the game in the first half to winning the game in the second half and making the Grand Final next week.

Yes, you heard right. We are on another promise!

And the ‘vagaries of life’ led to our daughter-in-law Belinda and young Isaac (3) coming to support the team which then led to much joy from this little boy who loves to sing and say nursery rhymes and do dances. In other words we were entertained in between goals and shouting at Alice to “stick with your partner” or to say “great catch Alice!”

One of the tarts on offer at ‘Cream’

The best vagary of the day was when we all headed to an amazing little Cafe selling European pastries called ‘Cream Patisserie Boulangerie‘ for a bite to eat and a pot of tea or coffee. We were all so cold from the wind that went straight through us, that we headed inside the Cafe where we sat all warm and toasty chatting and eating. (

And so our day had turned into a lovely family gathering. But Belinda and I were not satisfied with lunch alone. The cakes in the window looked amazing so we finished the meal by sharing some lemon and lime syrup cake with cream and ice-cream … helped of course by none other than the little mouths of Isaac and Violet who were not going to sit by and simply watch.

Oh that all of us could enjoy such ‘vagaries of life’ every now and again as I did today  …