Day 223 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Okay so it’s the end of another week. Sigh.  Oh how the weeks and the days of my blog are flying by … well … sort of anyway.

You see, today I wondered when Day 266 would be and how it would feel when I only had 100 more days to complete my challenge (by the way Day 266 is Sept 22nd). Now, is this type of thinking a bit of a worry? Does it mean I am wanting it all to end? Well, yes … and no actually. I am conflicted.

And I also wondered what it would feel like when next year comes and I do not have to blog every day if I don’t want to. Will I keep writing because the habit has become so engrained that I won’t be able to stop?

Will I end up like this?

Oh, heaven help me if this happens folks. You’ll have to get me a doctor quick. Send me off for psychiatric help! Yet again, perhaps I will be like the blogger  that I came across who blogged every day for two weeks and was so pleased that she congratulated herself for doing so. She made this comment about her efforts:

“It’s much easier and more enjoyable to blog every day than it is to blog sporadically. Madly counter-intuitive, isn’t it? It was easier and more enjoyable because:

  1. I didn’t spend time and energy thinking about posting. Should I? Shouldn’t I? When can I post again? I want to post but I’m too tired. If only I could write a post today. How long has it been since I last posted? Will anyone still be there when I post next? Instead, I was either doing it, or not doing it.
  2. I was much less attached to each post. So what if it didn’t turn out as I intended? So what if few people read it? There’ll be another one along tomorrow!
  3. I got used to it.

I was stretching myself for something I care about; as Seth Godin says, “Focused energy and serious intent will push you to do your best work. You have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.”   (

I was delighted when I found this post! It has actually given me a lot of encouragement to continue with my 366 day blogging commitment. Thanks heaps.

Still, sometimes the commitment NOT to miss one day does become a burden when life gets busy. I have to think ahead and that way I make sure that the blog happens or else I may get caught unawares. It is like anything in life, it requires EFFORT and PLANNING.

You only have to look at those involved in the Olympic Games and see the years of training that they put into this endeavour. Hopefully, it will pay off in the end for them,  either with a medal or at least some sense of satisfaction such as “I made it to the Olympics!”

But what about ME? There is no Olympic Games of Blogging but I do feel as if I am in training for SOMETHING. I’m not sure what yet, but I’ll let you know when I figure it out!

Is this how the Olympians feel when they are getting close to going to the Games. Their muscles constrict, they get tired and thoughts of “Oh, I wish this was all over” go through their minds?

I would love to have a deep heart to heart with some of those Olympians folks. I would just like to chew the fat  with those who know how to keep going when the going gets tough. Well, at least they are inspiring me at present.

Sigh … now that I have told all of you out in the blogosphere how I am feeling, I feel better. Methinks I will take heart from the oldies in the 100+ Club whose  secret to a long life was: “JUST KEEP BREATHING.” Only my secret will be: “JUST KEEP BLOGGING” regardless of how you feel.

In between the blogging, I think it is simply the little things in life that make one’s life worthwhile when you are not working. Take this morning for instance. I went to my friendly local fruit shop after a long absence and was not disappointed when I came across the fruiterers wife and daughter who continue to inspire me and give me advice about vegetables, spices and soup recipes.

As I walked away, I thought about how much I had missed these people. I have built up a relationship with them now and today was like catching up with friends. These people are Greek and love to cook just like me and my Lebanese family. A perfect match.

I had bought some of their organic milk – Unhomgenised Full Cream milk branded ‘BARAMBAH.” The fruiterers wife told me that a year ago, they would stock two bottles a week and nobody would buy them and then they would then to throw them out. Still they persevered.

Now  they are unable to keep up with the demand. It is because people have begun to realise that the supermarkets ‘cheap milk’ does not taste good and has additives in it. Barambah milk is beautiful. I love this story. I love to see the small businessman being creative and doing well…

Tahitian tiare, gardenia, amber, patchouli and moroccan incense.

Before I finish, I must tell you  this story  about the local IGA store where I went afterwards for a few groceries. As I was paying my bill, I said to the Checkout girl: “Hmnn … what perfume are you wearing, you smell beautiful?” Well, she wasn’t sure (??) but the girl next to her knew; turns out she was the one who bought it for the Checkout girl!

It’s ‘M’ by Mariah Carey” she said.

I replied “Oh, it’s a nice change from the smell of chickens cooking which I usually smell when I come in here!” Both girls burst into laughter. It seems I had made their day. They were smiling broadly as I left the shop.

It made me aware that it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day does it? It makes going shopping for a few groceries almost worthwhile.Try it sometime. You will be surprised how good YOU will feel as well as the person you complement.

And now as I finish this blog, I am feeling good too. So … that’s blog Day 223 done and dusted … only 143 days left to go.