Day 222 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

I will commence my blog with an apology today as I had to publish my blog in an unfinished state yesterday in order to run off to rescue granddaughter Alice(10). Violet (6) in the meantime, went off to the hospital with her mother with bleeding and a lump on her head.

Why did she have a lump on her head you might ask? Well, she was at After-School Care playing meteorites and it seems she was on Mars (the robot ‘Curiosity’ has a lot to answer for) with a little male friend from Prep Blue. They decided they would throw rocks up in the air and then let them fall to earth (as you do on Mars).

Of course, when one particular rock fell to earth, it landed on the top of Violet’s head leaving a nasty gash. Suffice it to say she seemed quite recovered when she arrived home with her mother at 9 pm. She was jumping over the moon (or should I say Mars?) when she appeared.

It seems that a ride in an ambulance and a bit of adventure at the hospital did her a lot of good. Hunger was her only problem now and she came in with a big Subway roll clutched in her hands and was more intent on eating it than discussing her head injury.

Big sister Alice sighed with relief that “my sister is alright.” Geoff and I had managed to get tea and then help Alice do all her homework before we came home and consoled ourselves with toast and jam before going to bed.

I discovered one thing from all this: homework for Grade 6 children is damn hard!!

I have to confess that some cheating did go on however, as a calculator and then Google helped us enormously to make the ordeal a little faster. Next week, Maria is heading to Sydney for work and Geoff and I will be in charge of these little ‘darlings’ for the whole week. Folks, start praying for us NOW!

We dearly love our grandchildren, but you know you are no longer young when you have the sole responsibility of them for any length of time … and yet, I wouldn’t miss one moment of it for they will grow up soon enough. My aim is to embrace it and enjoy … and then come home the following week and recover!

But I did notice another thing last night; my granddaughter Alice is growing up. She informed me she will be 11 years old in 58 days time “… and Grandma, you will be having a birthday too in 59 days time!” She loves it that we are back to back TWINS.

Maria laughs that Alice is in love with me. I am not sure when she is going to see the truth and clearly see all my flaws, but I think I will just enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts!

Usain is famous for this winning pose

Alice and I also discussed the Olympic Games and what was happening, especially the latest Gold Medals our girls Anna Mears (cycling) and Sally Pearson (hurdles) won. But what stood out for Alice was the runner Usain Bolt who came home on Monday in the 100 metres like a lightening bolt (sorry … couldn’t help myself!)

Alice loved his trademark pose. I loved what he said at that time:

“Some of you guys doubted me. Just had to show the world I was the greatest. It means I’m one step closer to being a legend. I have the 200 (metres) to go.” (That’s happening Friday)

He is quite a character with such self-confidence and kids love this about him. No wonder children decide to be athletes when they see someone like Usain running at the Olympics. At one stage Alice eyes were glued to TV watching a kayak team racing. It was as if all these previously unknown activities are catching her attention because she is now old enough to appreciate them.

This is the time that the seeds of greatness are born in children; certainly a lot of Olympic athletes will say they remember a moment as a child when they thought “I want to compete at the Olympics!” Children are impressionable.

But the thing they learn most of all is the importance of commitment to your goal when trying  to achieve something worthwhile.

And so as I watch both our grandchildren influenced by the things that are happening around them, I am reminded that children do take notice of their environment and try to copy it, even if they are like Violet and end up with a big lump on their head in their endeavour to recreate meteorites falling to earth …

A bit hard to read but lovely message on Olympic values such as excellence, respect, friendship, fair play and working together for a goal.