Day 221 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

You know, whenever I see gorgeous umbrellas I cannot help but take the time to look at them, regardless of whether I need an umbrella or not.

However, the truth is I NEVER buy nice umbrellas because I am so notorious for losing them that it upsets me too much. When you are a bit dreamy like me, my head is often in the clouds and then I enter a shop and stop to look at something and … voila! The umbrella is left behind and I am long gone before I realise it.

So no beautiful expensive umbrellas for me. However this doesn’t stop me from enjoying them when they pop up in my life. Like they popped up today on a website I often look at (more about this soon).

Also, I am a huge fan of Mary Poppins who carried her umbrella wherever she went. Well I remember seeing the stage play last October at the lovely old Capitol Theatre in Sydney with Maria and her two girls. The moment when Mary flew in over the audience with her umbrella, the whole theatre exploded. What a great moment!

The umbrellas over a street in Portugal

Anyway, back to the umbrellas that I saw on the website (above). According to what I can gather from my research, this is a regular occurrence in Portugal during the summer. Apparently, it is part of an art festival called Agitagueda:

“If you come to Águeda, a municipality in Portugal, during the month of July, you may see hundreds of colorful umbrellas floating above some streets. They are hung over promenades giving pedestrians a nice shade and something cool to look at.”

Now the nice part of this story concerns the person who read about the umbrellas and how her curiosity brought her to Águeda where she took these glorious photos to share with the world.

“These incredible photographs were taken by educational researcher Patricia Almeida, (a Flickr photographer) who stumbled across the unusual sight. The 35-year-old said: ‘Walking under that sky made of umbrellas reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.”

But I loved what Patricia said next about seeing it:

“It is something completely unexpected that made me smile.”

Later, she said she reflected on it, and she wondered how something so simple could make her feel happy and how it could have such an impact on people.When I read this, I couldn’t help but agree and I thought how it had made me smile today also. 

And I felt I needed it as it has been one of those days when everything was a bit of a struggle and I needed a little cheering up and it has done the job. So now I am passing the pictures on to my followers ‘out there’ to cheer all of us up also. Whether you need it or not folks, you now have it here!

A riot of colour from underneath. What’s not to like about this?

And I have had some other good news today which has made me smile. It is regarding my daughter-in-laws sister whose baby is about to be born this afternoon. Oh, it is all happening folks!

Breaking News: a baby boy was delivered late this afternoon – no name yet though. Congratulations Melissa and Garry!

Later News: I have had to run off with Geoff to pick up Alice as Violet has hit her head and gone off to hospital with her mother. Nothing too serious but you know six year olds, they are always up to some mischief.

Until tomorrow