Day 219 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Well it seems to me that everyone here in Australia is talking about the Olympics Games. Yep, politics has taken a back seat for a while as everyone searches their soul as to the reason why Australia has not won enough Gold Medals in the swimming.

Girls wanted to be able to wear skirts because they felt more feminine: hilarious?

It’s all happening here folks! Now, I really don’t want to get into the politics of it all but certain things have come to light on the radio this morning. Important things … like should the girls who are participating in boxing for the first time in any Olympics, wear shorts or a skirt?

See I told you they were important things. And what about the coverage of the Olympics by our own Channel 9 which has been so heavily criticised that someone set up a Facebook page called ‘Channel Nine Olympics Coverage sucks.” It is quite an interesting site if you want to check it out.

And there my friends, you will find out all you need to know about WHY Channel Nine coverage does indeed “suck.” The Age called their coverage “irritating”and heaped praise on Foxtel’s multi-channel coverage. And here is an interesting tidbit reported by the Sydney Morning Herald about the Facebook page:

“One comment on Channel Nine’s Facebook page, asking for the network to show sports other than ”swimming, repeats of swimming, interviews of swimming, analysis of swimming, previews of swimming”, posted by Matthew Taylor and signed ”the rest of Australia”, has attracted more than 105,000 ”likes’. “

What do you make of all that? I must say it has been the most uninspiring Olympics that I can remember. Australia, who usually prides itself on dominating in the swimming events have only won one solitary Gold Medal. The commentators have gone from talking about “The Gold Rush” they were expecting in the pool to saying now that it is “A Silver Streak” instead.  So kind of them.

We have in fact won: one Gold, six Silver and three Bronze in the pool. There is talk and finger-pointing that the swim team has lacked a full-time psychologist since 2009 and therefore the poor young swimmers didn’t have any help in getting their heads on straight. A good point perhaps?

Remember what I discussed on my blog yesterday? Yep, the social media problem has got in the way. Too many Tweets and Facebook comments perhaps? Who knows what the real problem is but it is true that Australia, as a swimming team, has not performed very well.

Well, you can excuse the men for failing when you have someone who is as talented as Michael Phelps competing against them. What an amazing athlete this man is? Let us give credit where credit is due and not get so obsessed with Australians that we do not see any other country’s talent.

Usain Bolt ‘bolts’ home in the 100 metre sprint

And who could forget Usain Bolt of Jamaica winning the 100m sprint Gold? This is what the Olympics is all about folks! Celebrating the amazing athletes who dominate these games and take our breath away just watching them.

I like too what The Age said about our compulsive viewing of the Games:

“The Olympics are supposed to be a time of huge and mighty goodwill. Marking the best of what humans can do. Sure, this involves their tragedies as well as their triumphs. But what triumphant tragedies! When else can you sit on the couch and watch television for hour upon hour and feel so physically active?”

Sometimes I am even worn out from watching and need to go and have a little lie down afterwards! But really folks,  what are we going to do about the swimming team and this “Silver Streak?” Of course, all of us knows exactly what needs to happen to fix things up … right? No WRONG! But it is after all a free country and it does give us a topic for conversation. I love it!

In fact, I came across a March Reader’s Digest this morning that had a wonderful article entitled Bored of the Rings” saying “Are the Olympics in desperate need of a clean and jerk?” which had me laughing.

I thought I would conclude my blog by including a few thoughts that the author of the article  (and humorist) David Thomas thought about it all :

  • Beach volleyball is the Baywatch of the Olympics
  • If you have synchronised swimming, you might as well have pole-dancing too
  • Let’s ban tennis players from grunting and shrieking while they serve
  • The baffling subtleties of dressage are intended to show off a rider’s skill and a horse’s good training. It is in other words, a dog show for horses

Now, doesn’t that make you smile? In the meantime, we have almost another week left to indulge ourselves watching those big hulks of men (and women) parading themselves on the arena doing all sorts of amazing things. Enjoy!

Even Google got in on the Olympics