Day 216 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Where do I begin today? It has been one of those Fridays which started out one way and took a turn in a different direction and I haven’t had a chance to think too much about anything!

And would you believe it, I have nothing to write about! I have taken the advice of the cartoon above which says “You should blog about it.” Well, here goes folks. This could prove rather interesting.

Here is what I am going to do. I am going to tell you about my day in pictures and you can see for yourselves what I have been doing today.

I began my day with a spot of housecleaning but I was feeling rather frumpy and horrible due to the fact that my hair needed to be done … urgently! Enough of housework already …Enter my wonderful daughter-in-law Belinda (the hairdresser) who sent me a text with an offer I couldn’t refuse: she would come down and do my hair. Oh bliss, just what the doctor ordered!

Of course she came with Isaac (3) in to tow because we could not have a visit from Belinda without that delightful little boy who turned up with his basket full of cars in his hot little hand. The only trouble is half of the cars have disappeared. He is still desperately trying to find one in particular: “yellow car, yellow car…”  Good luck Mum.

But before she came Belinda had to send me a text message to make sure Bampy was around so that he could keep an eye on him while my hair was being done. Isaac follows Bampy around everywhere. I am not sure who leads who astray but today Bampy took him for an hour-long stroller ride which was much appreciated. Two little peas in a pod these two – just like the two above.

Once my hair was done and we had a beautiful lunch out in our sunny outdoor area, Belinda had to run. Geoff and I sat down to relax for a while and who should come on TV but our favourite Andre Rieu playing his beautiful music. It wasn’t long before both of us were in la la land. I never fall asleep in the day but methinks my listening to Olympics during the night might be just making me a tad tired!

I was just when I was in the groove of snoozing when my mobile phone rang. A friend was going to pop in for a cuppa. This is always a treat when one of my old workmates comes around some  Fridays when she finishes work early.

We spent a couple of hours catching up on my holiday and her news and it was just so nice. How wonderful! But … oh drat … now I have to write my blog! Do I feel like it? Do I care today? Well, at least my hair looks nice.


So now as the sun sets in the heavens (this photo was taken in our backyard on Wednesday) I have actually managed to write my blog about NOTHING!

Oh and by the way, I even managed to check out the full moon last night … only I was alone as Geoff was busy snoring in front of TV and couldn’t be roused. I don’t think he will be learning French any time soon …

Until tomorrow