Day 215 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

On my blog yesterday I shared with you all the drawing of the night skies from my calendar so today I wanted to commence my blog with a sunrise so it could shine on another new day and bring much cheer.

Sorry to disappoint, but it was not taken this morning! I am afraid I was fast asleep as the sun was coming up around 6.15am this morning. You see, I had woken earlier in the night and listened to the Olympic finals of the swimming from London so I went straight back to sleep.

I did think what a pity it was that we live on the other side of the world or else this would not have happened. No, this sunrise above occurred in Darwin when we docked there. We saw it quite by accident as we got off the ship early to enjoy what time we had there.

The sun had actually risen and was well on its way upwards when I walked down the gangway, looked to my right and was surprised to see the vivid colour. I wanted to share it with you as I thought it was so beautiful.

The photo on the left is a longer view that shows the sunrise in relationship to the ship. The masts you can see in the first picture, are the masts of boats moored in the harbour. I thought it was a wonderful welcome to the Top End of Australia which seems to glow in shades of red – whether in sunrises, sunsets or in the colour of the earth and the mountains. Truly another world up there folks!

Now all of this was prompted today by my walk this morning. Yes, I am back into the discipline of walking again. I have faced the mundane (see my blog yesterday) and now I am back ‘into it’ once again. I was certainly out of my comfort zone this morning as I braved the coldest morning since August 2008 to do this. And remember I have the full moon to view tonight also.

The beautiful blue sky today

What prompted me to think of this sunrise was, strangely enough, the beautiful blue sky that the day brought forth. As I walked, four lorikeets flew out of a tree, making noises as they flew away. By the way, you do know that these birds are known as the Italians of the bird family don’t you? Because they all talk at once and very loudly and no one seems to be listening. I know this because the Lebanese are like it too!

But back to the topic. What struck me was the beauty of nature on one hand and the dilapidated state of some homes and gardens on the other. I was meditating as I went along on God’s gifts in nature when I came across a particularly bad front yard filled with debris and rubbish. It was awful!

I remember well the people who lived here many years ago. They had the best kept property in the street and it was a delight to walk past their house. Now, I wondered about these people and how they would feel if they came back and saw what had become of their hard work.

“What makes people stop caring about their home environment?” I wondered to myself. It brought to mind how much effort is required to keep one’s home and yard looking neat and tidy. Now I am not talking about those people who are ‘over the top‘ and keep their places so immaculate that you feel like you have to apologise for your own place when you are talking to them.

No, these people seem to shame you more than they make you feel good. I am simply talking about neat and tidy people who have respect for their property. Possibly it is all about MOTIVATION. Hmnn … an interesting word … and one whose meaning struck me years ago when I was studying and I wondered why some people give up and others go on to achieve.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘to motivate’ this way: to provide with a strong reason for doing something.

Therefore motivation is a set of strong reasons for action. This is what empowered me to keep going at university when others were more talented, more intelligent and had far  more energy! My desire to complete the course was so strong I was unable to give up. And the same is true for those who want to look after their environment.

Having your house in order actually makes you feel good about yourself. Motivation comes into it when your desire to have things neat and tidy is so strong that you keep soldering on and cleaning up – bit by bit – because the payoff you will receive is so powerful:

You will feel good about yourself!

And then all those ‘feel good endorphins’ will kick in and you will soon be so motivated to want to do something else. Does all this make sense? Oh, I can feel myself getting motivated already!

You see I am writing all this today because I think that dilapidated house and yard gave ME the motivation to finish the cleaning I began when I returned from our cruise.

Somehow I got waylaid being out and about on the weekend and early this week, and I knew it was TIME FOR ACTION or else my house – if left to its own devices for too long – could end up looking almost as bad.

Well folks, I am pleased to report that when I returned from my walk, I saw to it that  my bedroom had a spring clean and it is now looking like a shining new pin. So what can I do next I wonder?

Is there anything that YOU need to be motivated to do today? Here’s some encouragement: as the Nike ad says: