Day 213 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Yesterday I wrote about ‘Finding Your Voice’ but I was aware at the time that this was a huge subject which was impossible to address in one blog post.

In fact, I have been mulling over it since yesterday.  It was two things that happened yesterday that led me to want to share a little more. The first one concerns ME!

Tess’ Story about Generic Medicine

I was at the Chemist getting a prescription filled for two items and as I had been given generic brands previously (the Chemists own brand), I asked the Chemist himself if I could have the original brands of these drugs.

Now the reason for giving out the generic brands previously was, according to the pharmacy assistants  for the last three months, because there was no original brands available.

It appeared, according to the line, that the Commonwealth Government was deadlocked over funding arrangements and no drugs were being released. We therefore, could only buy generic brands. So, when I went away a month ago, this was still the story.

But now I am back and I think to myself: surely the impasse has been solved? Hence the reason why I asked the chemist for the original brands. I have a preference for the original brands because my former doctor – who I trusted implicitly because he researched everything – told me NEVER to buy generic brands. I kid you not!

He was adamant they were NOT the same and therefore I have managed to do what he said …  until NOW. But, it was the Chemist’s reply that floored me. He said: “Oh we no longer stock the original brands because there is no call for them any longer.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Gobsmacked I replied: “But, you told us there was a problem with the supply of the originals because of the government?” He looked at me blankly and was unable to give a reply (as if he had never heard of such a thing!)

I did Find My Voice and I told him nicely I was NOT happy about this, and no matter what he said about generic brands I did not believe they were equal. I told him that I would just have to go somewhere else now to buy them. He didn’t appear bothered by this.

I then talked to a pharmacy assistant who I know quite well. When I put the story to her that I felt I had been duped by the pharmacy and I was not happy, she just smiled.  I asked: “Am I on the money that this has been a ploy by the pharmacy to get us to buy their own brand?” she again smiled … and then she nodded quietly and raised her eyebrows. Aha, a Voice … albeit a Silent Voice!

I was not far off the truth. Oh, so now I know why there is no longer any call for the original brands! Because the customers have now been receiving the generic brands for so long they have been lulled into a sense of security by it and have stopped asking for the original brands.

You see now why sometimes you just have to Find Your Voice?

Emily Seebohm’s Story about getting Silver not Gold

The other incident occurred when our Aussie Emily Seebohm (pre-race favourite) missed out by a touch in the 100 metre backstroke event and won Silver and not Gold. She was so disappointed she began to cry; she then said through her tears she felt she had let her family down and then added:

I have no idea [what went wrong]. I know that I was super nervous today, and so nervous I couldn’t even eat, so I’m sure that had something to do with it.”

Now this afternoon I heard an interview on radio where she was reflecting on her tears. She admitted that yes, she was emotional yesterday and she did say a lot of things, but she was simply unable to pretend. She had said what she felt at the time and she did not regret it.

However, she had come in for a lot of flack from these remarks apparently; being criticised for being a bad loser etc. But was she a bad loser? As she said, she had worked really hard to get that gold and the disappointment she felt simply bubbled over when she came out of the pool.

The next thing she said was interesting: “Now people know who I am. I cannot pretend” she said.

Obviously, Emily had Found Her Voice … but should she have been criticised for it? Are we too hard on her? It is certainly an interesting dilemma and it takes me back to what I said yesterday: when do we speak and when do we NOT speak?

I am sure I will be finding out more about this topic as time goes on but in the meantime, let me know when YOU have had to Find YOUR Voice and how it has affected other people around you.