Day 210 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all 

No sooner had Geoff and I returned from traveling than we were off again yesterday to stay overnight with our daughter Maria and her children. We just couldn’t help ourselves folks! The promise of dinner being cooked for us and then staying overnight so we could watch Alice play netball early tomorrow lured us to do it

You see, we have not seen our two granddaughters since 15th June when they went with Maria to visit their father in Timor-Leste where he is stationed with the mighty army. I did speak to Alice on the phone when we returned and when I said “We will catch up with you girls on Sunday” she was most upset. “Can’t we see you sooner Grandma?”

Oh dear, what do you do when a child says this to you? Do you succumb or do you just stick to your guns and go on Sunday? It soon became clear that Maria had commitments on the weekend and we probably wouldn’t get the chance to see them, so we packed our ‘dilly bag’ with essentials and went to the school to pick them up and give them a big surprise.

The funny thing was, they didn’t even notice us standing almost in front of them and the woman in charge had to point out to them “Girls, there are your grandparents!” Six year old Violet’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she launched herself at the both of us and nearly sent us flying backwards.

Alice, now going on 11 yrs old was more sedate and a big huge grin spread across her face as she came to join in the hugging and kissing. Six weeks was far too long for both of them! It was  nice to be so well loved folks. Off we went to visit cousin Isaac and Auntie Bel until Maria came home from work.

This is the very book and apparently a well-known tale

I  had gifts to hand out as you do when you return from traveling. I wonder why we do that? Buy presents when we go away I mean? Is it because as you travel around you do see some interesting things and let’s face it, you cannot keep buying everything for yourself so you buy things for your family instead.

Two things captured the kids attention but not quite as it was intended. Violet loved the pop-up book “The wide-Mouthed Frog” that I bought in Darwin for Isaac; she loved the fact that when you opened it, all the animals in the book popped out, but the alligator (crocodile to us) was the best.

It’s huge jaw comes out … complete with sharp teeth.  I highly recommend this book for children folks. It is lovely. A book about a frog and a crocodile from a Crocodile Shop! Where else would you buy such a book?

Next, Isaac loved the drinking cup I had obtained from the ship for the girls. It has a straw that goes around and around the cup. He kept wanting to drink water from that cup and I think he had his eye on it just as Violet had her eye on “The Wide-Mouthed Frog.” Isn’t this typical of kids though? They always like the thing that the other child has been given!

Similar only ours was pink

But the biggest hit of the day for Alice was the real boomerang I had bought in the markets at Port Douglas. A boomerang that returns. Little did I know that Alice is at present studying Aboriginal culture and she thought the boomerang was a real treasure and after we visited Isaac and Belinda, off we went to the park to try it out

However, I have to tell you folks, we did not get that boomerang to return. I lost the instructions! All Alice succeeded in doing was to put a chip in the vanish when it landed on the bitumen. It is heavily vanished and painted with a modern kangaroo so I can see why she loves it and it was the reason I had bought it in the first place.

This looks like the same boomerang; it’s a beautiful one

We will just have to use that treasure ‘Goggle” to find out how to get it to return. I don’t suppose any of you readers ‘out there’ in the blogosphere would know how to do it? Naw … I think that might just be asking too much folks. We will crack the code eventually! In the meantime, the boomerang is going to turn up at school regardless as Alice can’t wait to show it to all.

And so folks, we are now home but we had a lovely night and a beautiful sunny morning at netball before we came home to face the rest of our cleaning. One funny incident happened when Maria offered us some “Sticky Date Pudding” after making us Tandoori Chicken (yum, must give you the recipe when I get it).

Violet who mustn’t have heard too clearly, loved this idea and made the announcement “Mum, I want Sticky DABLE Pudding too!”

I ask you: where in the name of goodness had this word come from? But I have a feeling that from now on, Sticky Date Pudding no longer exists in this family because the dates have now been replaced with DABLES!

Thanks for the lovely time we spent together Maria, Alice and Violet!