Day 208 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

The holiday is over now. The lost jacket has been located. There is nothing for it now but to unpack the suitcases sitting on the spare bed.

Geoff got called upon to do a day’s work today (yes already) and when he left, I looked at those suitcases and wanted to run away from them. On the other hand, Geoff began unpacking his part of the suitcases while I was writing my blog late yesterday. Clothes were sorted into washing and non-washing, toiletries are sitting in the bathroom ready to be put away. My part of the suitcase is all over the place thanks to Geoff’s efficiency! Interesting eh?

However, I have done some googling and discovered that there are two kinds of unpackers, those who:

  1. get stuck into it immediately they put the suitcases down at home
  2. look at the contents of the suitcases for days wishing it would disappear on its own

Unpacking the holiday: here are the celebrations to farewell the Brisbane passengers …

I don’t think I have any problem in identifying myself as the latter type of unpack-er! Possibly, I am the type of person who is still “unpacking the holiday” (meaning taking all of the events of the holiday apart in my head) rather than unpacking the suitcases.”  I am mulling on all that happened, thinking about the good things and not quite wanting to be back in the ‘real’ world just yet.

Perhaps you could call this: not wanting the holiday to end. The unpacking process means the holiday is officially over!

Geoff, on the other hand, has moved onwards the moment he returns home and is looking forward to what’s coming next. I am not sure if this is a ‘boy thing’ or if it is a personality type. Women are more emotive and will dwell on things that happened. Men will say “that was great but it’s time to visit the gym.” Surely they don’t think “It’s time to go back to work tomorrow yeah!” Something wrong with people who think like that folks.

So, when Geoff headed off this morning, I made a decision to ‘Unpack the suitcases without further delay … at the same time as I was unpacking the holiday’. And do you know what? I think it has worked!

The unpacking is going well ..

I have got so much unpacked and managed to do two loads of washing with another load waiting to be done tomorrow. I feel so proud of myself. The problem with procrastinating is one does not feel good about NOT unpacking. It is true. You end up feeling out of sorts because everything is lying around making the house untidy. Today, I do not have that feeling.

As of 3.30pm when I began writing this post, I have also made soup for lunch and got the tea ready to put into the oven at 4pm. Sure, there is still things to be put away but I have broken the back of it. Geoff will be surprised when he returns home from work.

Now all of this efficiency was helped I think, by googling: ‘unpacking the suitcases’ earlier in the day (on a whim) and finding some helpful information online. It got me all motivated and some of the things really made me laugh. Here is one comment on “How to unpack your suitcase”

“My suitcase is open in the spare bedroom waiting to be unpacked. My cats love to use it as their spare bedroom which then means I have to empty all the clothes out and wash before repacking. I hate unpacking but love packing.”

Yes, I do relate to the cats loving to use it as a spare bedroom. Our cat has been known to do this but not today folks … foiled this time by my efficiency!

I also loved an article on “Ways to make unpacking suitcases FUN.”   A sample follows:

Rock Out While Unpacking

The best way to enjoy unpacking your luggage after your vacation is to rock out to some music.  I find that upbeat music is your best bet in this situation. I’ve found Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, and 80s music always make me happy… even if it is while I am doing a chore like unpacking.

So folks, if you are in the vicinity of my house and you happen to peek through the window and see me rocking and rolling while I finish unpacking, you will know that:

“I am unpacking the holiday (whilst remembering our dancing on the cruise) at the same time as unpacking the suitcases!”

Until tomorrow …