The sunrise, not perfect but still inspirational …

Day 206 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all


I am not sure what possessed me this morning because I was awake around 5.30am rearing to go. I had in fact turned out my light at approx 11.30pm so it was not as if I went to bed early.

Dancing after a late dining session, we came to bed at a reasonable hour but how could I possibly turn my back on the movie “Pretty Woman” which was playing on our television?


I hopped into bed with my complimentary chocolate – which Princess Cruises gives out every night – and here was Julia Roberts looking for clothes in Rodeo Drive and getting rejected because she was dressed like a prostitute (which she was of course). I was sucked in hook line and sinker …

Geoff went off to sleep but I watched the movie to its delightful and predictable end, struggling a few times not to fall asleep. It is SUCH a feel-good movie folks!

Anyway, back to my early morning waking up. Today is our last full day of cruising and I wanted to see at least ONE sunrise, so around 6am I jumped out of bed and threw some clothes over my nightie and floated up to the top of the ship (via a lift) to view the sunrise.

It was so lovely and quiet there. I was the first person who walked into Horizon’s Buffet eating area. The sun was not yet fully over the real horizon, so I decided to eat a little breakfast and view the progress of the sunrise from the window of the Buffet.

I cannot tell you how lovely this was for me. After constant talking to different people, I really valued the peace and quiet of the ship at this hour of the day. A few stragglers came in but not enough to be a problem. Being alone in this way is like meditation for me.

Gratitude welled up within me and I thanked God for providing this lovely cruise and also for the beauty of nature as it was unfolding before me. The sun began to show its presence soon after, competing with some low clouds that were present. I managed to dash out and take some photos and come back before my coffee got cold! Oh it was a special time.

In the meantime since then, Geoff and I have been doing some last minute things before packing late this afternoon to disembark the ship tomorrow morning. We want to buy at least one nice Formal Night photo so we went for another look at the “air-brushed” ones that I wrote about earlier in the cruise. I asked myself: do I want such perfection in my complexion (albeit false perfection)?

The photographer will be printing out tonight’s Formal photos and offered to print my photos out a la natural if I wanted it. And do you know what? I found myself hesitating! “What a hypocrite I am” I thought to myself. The lady (named Theresa incidentally) told me how the process was done and the way she explained it, it didn’t seem so bad.

Therefore folks, I have succumbed to technology. She assured me it was a process that evened out skin tone. How can I refuse when it is put in such a way? So Geoff and I need to get all “prettied up” for the last Formal Night tonight … and more photos. A bit sad really.

Geoff has gone off for his last spa leaving me to get my blog done and dusted. It is okay with me because I don’t want my newly-washed hair to get ruined anyway. I am also trying to finish a light-hearted book which I borrowed from Lisa (our dinner companion) called “Here Comes the Girls” by Milly Johnson, an English author.


It is a real hoot about four school chums who go on a cruise to celebrate their year of turning 40. The blurb on the front says: ‘Bursting with warmth and joie de vivre’ and it is indeed! The best thing is the story lines mirror all the things that are happening on our cruise and one can really relate (and laugh) because of that.

Before I finish, I want to leave you with a funny part I read after lunch that made me laugh out loud. In the book, one of the old dears on board (who is a little tipsy) has bought a pair of fake designer sunglasses in Venice and she tells her dinner companions:

“I got them down to five euro for my Golce and Dabbana ones … oh I mean Bolshy and BananaDolce and Gabbana. Oh dear, I’d better not have any more to drink, had I?” she giggled.

Don’t you just love it? So now I must say my farewells. Our dinner companions are sailing on to Sydney and one of them told me today she is most disappointed we will be leaving them. Such a nice thing to say!

Goodbye for the last time ‘At Sea’ … tomorrow I will be on land and blogging from home once again. Until then …