Day 205 of 366: Blog Challenge

Hello all


Well I am coming live to you from Airlie Beach today … well sort of anyway.


The anchor has dropped here at Airlie but we are waiting to board a tender boat to go ashore. Due to a storm overnight we have been held up so now we have to wait … wait … wait and … wait on the ship until No. 32 is called, probably an hour or more from now!


So what is happening here that I can report on? A lot of disgruntled people for sure. You know the usual thing that happens: grumbling and complaining about how the process works or how unfair the whole thing is. You never see anyone whoop with delight when they are told there are hold-ups do you?

In fact, I am using the time to write this blog so, after a bit of whine it is now fine with me. Besides I just had a big pot of ginger and lemon tea on a silver tray while I was sitting around. The fact is I am trying to make the most of a bad situation and stay calm.

We are planning on meeting friends in Airlie Beach as we are only ashore for four hours and as we have been here before, we are not worried about playing tourist and wondering around. It is a lovely place and as I look out the window where I am sitting I can see beautiful aqua waters surrounded by islands. If you have never been to the Whitsundays area, it is a lovely place to come for a holiday.

In the meantime, I must tell you about my latest efforts to teach the bar staff how to make a pot of tea. You see, I became tired of cold tea so I asked the Filipino staff chap who makes the tea if he heats up the pot before making the tea. He looked at me as if I was mad!

Well, I am used to this because I have been known to push the boundaries a little in order to get what I want and how I want it. I explained about English tea making etiquette and the young fellow had clearly never been trained to do this and looked surprised.

When the tea arrived, it was hot and just perfect … and I told him so too! Never one to shrink on giving good feedback, it was the least I could do. Now I go to the same fellow at the same location when I want good tea. I have since extended my expertise to helping the chap make good hot chocolates as well.

Hot chocolate comes as part of a package of cold drinks I bought at the beginning of the cruise but they are far too sweet and sickly for my tastebuds so I instructed them to use half the chocolate syrup and pronto! Back came the perfect Hot Chocolate.

You could say I am feeling very good about all this folks, but just when I get the staff trained I will leave the cruise in Brisbane and will have to start all over again if I every do another cruise in the future. Perhaps I could get a job being a “cultural expert” like Dame Judy Dench did in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

Didn’t you just love the way she ended up teaching the Indian telemarketers how to deal with the English on the phone? I thought it was great. In fact, maybe I could get a job in India myself and take over from where Judy Dench left off. There are a lot of things I would like to tell them about what to say on the phone!

And I am sure some of you ‘out there’ would have a few suggestions also and no, none on them involves saying four letter words either. Poor things, they are trying to earn a living I know, but they get the cultural thing all wrong every time, don’t they?

Later:  Finally we have escaped from the ship and arrived in Airlie Beach.  I am now sitting in the Sailing Club overlooking the Marina at Airlie Beach with friends having drinks. This is the life folks. What a place to life and work as our friends do who run a boat charter here.

So, I am afraid it must be time to finish my blog so that I can catch up with old friends as time is running out for my battery on my computer. Oh the joys of blogging whilst on holiday.

Catch you all again tomorrow from ‘At Sea’ where we have the last of our Formal Nights and then we say goodbye on Wednesday.

PS Sorry no photos as problem loading them yet again!