Day 204 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all from the beautiful Port Douglas in far North Queensland

After skiting to anyone on the ship who would listen (especially two Americans) that we would have beautiful weather in Queensland , the weather has been foul since we rounded Cape York!

What is it with this sort of thing? Tempting fate perhaps? Oh well, moving right along I am present sitting at a cafe in the heart of town writing on my blog while Geoff goes off to explore a little. You see folks, that is the price I have to pay for being faithful to writing on this blog: missing out on shopping!

Feeling free to take a photo of the tote bags

However, despite the dismal weather we have had a good morning since getting off the boat around 9am. We knew there would be Sunday Markets so we headed for them first up. I have to report that there were some seriously good stalls here and although Geoff doesn’t particularly like markets, he showed remarkable patience as I looked at everything of interest. Thanks sweetie, I will remember this.

I did earn the ire of a particular staff holder when I took photos of her stall because she had such interesting things for sale. “No photos of the goods” came a voice from somewhere at the back of the stall. I said kindly, something to the effect of: I wasn’t going to steal her designs but she just looked the other way and so we walked away.

Later, we came to a stall with the most amazing and original tote bags made out of material and there, taking pride of place on the stall was a sign which read: “Feel free to take photos.” I did have a chat to the creator of the bags and she said that she found the attitude of the stall holders appalling and she had put up the sign for that reason.

I would have bought one of her bags but they were $95 … but I have to say well worth the money if you are looking for something original.

After this, we headed to a little Church called ‘St Mary’s by the Sea’ for an inter-denominational service. This is a beautiful little church and much photographed because it is so quaint with a large window at the front with a view of the sea and the mountains.

The Church was packed and when the pastor said he was originally from Fiji a lot of people called out spontaneously “Bula!”  as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do! We sang our hearts out and in between I have to confess to drifting off as it was so relaxing and we’d been up early to get ashore.

After such a rest at Church it was time for lunch and what better place than overlooking the sea near the church eating a Lentil burger for me and a Wagoo burger for Geoff. Have you noticed how there is ‘Wagoo beef” everywhere these days? I must check out what it is all about at some stage.

So folks, I did promise you a blog LIVE from Port Douglas so I have not failed you in doing this today. As I sit at this outdoor cafe in a little mall area, I am surrounded by people eating and chatting and nearby (if you listen hard) you will hear a chap playing his electric guitar and entertaining all and sundry. It’s pleasant here.

When I have finished, Geoff and I are hoping to catch a shuttle bus to visit an animal sanctuary outside town. You know the usual: koalas, kangaroos and perhaps crocodiles. Remember they are crocodile made in Northern Australia.

In conclusion, it has been great writing this blog from right here in the heart of Port Douglas. I feel good too because I have managed to phone and connect with our ‘kids’ whilst I am on in town. So folks, it is now time to go and Geoff has arrived to push me along a little.

Tomorrow I should be live in Airlie Beach so I look forward to reconnecting with you then …

The wonderful picture window at the back of the church