Day 192 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

The Mexican Theme today

We lost half an hour overnight. And we lost an hour the night before and a half hour the night before that. That’s two hours all up.

So why do we say we ‘lost time?’ Where did we lose it? And how are we going to find it?

All good questions but the fact is we cannot see time nor can we find the time we lost so we had better get used to not having it. Not that I feel like that at the moment! Strange, but we seem to have all the time in the world out here ‘At Sea’ after being in Darwin yesterday.

Today it’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ for us as we sail across the Gulf of Carpentaria back into Queensland waters and back on Qld time as we edge closer and closer to Brisbane. It seems we have been on Western Australian time for too long but it’s only been 13 days in all.

After a spate of dancing and a late night at The Wheelhouse Bar last night with our dinner companions Lisa and Alan, we slept in this morning until 9.30am and then watched a movie called “Toast” about the life of Nigel Slater the well-known English Chef. A very interesting movie if you get a chance to watch it.

Geoff and I couldn’t help ourselves last night, for on the way back to our cabin from dancing we passed by another music maker playing some beautiful music from Phantom of the Opera and we stopped in the middle of the marble “dance floor” and found our feet beginning to dance once more!

Well, we finally got to bed … and then we lost that extra half an hour and we simply cannot get it back again can we? Oh well, at times like this, we leave our cabin at noon, give breakfast a miss (who needs breakfast after eating too much a Dinner last night?) and head straight for lunch in the Horizon Court known simply as ‘The Buffet.”

It turned out to be a “Mexican Buffet” and once again, the décor, the main course and the amazing cakes took our breath away. The thing to remember is you can only eat SO much but there are so many choices that you can get spoilt for choice. I find it easier to pick the ONE thing I want more than anything else and keep it simple.

So, my lunch was a Chicken Enchilada and for dessert I chose a piece of Coconut Pie which was divine! I tend to find the sweets on board a little too sickly for my taste buds but not today. I was telling our two other dinner companions that I feel a bit like Sally from the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” They laughed at me but it is true.

Remember how fussy Sally was? She used to order food in a precise manner and she would always have something “on the side.” Well, I am the Sally of the cruise ship! I am far too fussy for my own good. I have succeeded in training a few of the waiters in a couple of locations on how I like my Key West Cooler mocktail to be made.

Not too much syrup or juice over the ice (makes it too sweet) fill it up with soda water (not lemonade: too sweet) and add a dash of lime to make it tarty. And there, my friends, is the perfect way to make me a mocktail.

So as I said before we are crossing the Gulf as I type up this post on my blog and the ship is sort of swaying an awful lot right now. Oh dear will I be able to finish my typing as a wave of nausea comes over me? I do hope the enchilada I had for lunch does not make reappearance any time soon.

Time to go and have a quiet little lie down methinks …