Day 191 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

Here is a sunset photo over the sea which Geoff took from the ship yesterday

At present I have my laptop on my knee and I sitting in the Cruise Ship Terminal at Darwin writing my blog while I wait to get back on the ship.

What an interesting place Darwin proved to be! And you would not believe it but a happened upon a friend from Brisbane in who arrived in Darwin yesterday and we caught up for a coffee and some tourist stuff until noon. How lovely was that. I have been wanting to catch up with Julienne for months back in Brisbane.I had to come to Darwin to finally get to do it.

Geoff and I did some walking around doing the tourist thing, taking photos of Parliament House and Government House etc before meeting up with Julienne but the best part of the whole thing, was sitting on a shady seat in Bi-Centennial Park by the beautiful blue sea that is Darwin Harbour, chatting to my friend and catching up with the past year.

Oh, I love that about traveling; you have no idea who you my pop up when you least expect it. I actually ran into Julienne once before whilst traveling from Sydney to Brisbane with Maria and Steve in 2006. We were both stopped for lunch about two hours out of Sydney and had a wonderful catch up together.

It’s fate folks. Meant to be. Whatever way you look at it, it was damn good.

Anyway, back to Darwin again. I know my mind is jumping all over the place at present but I do know this, Darwin is the Crocodile Capital of Australia. There was baby crocs with their minders hanging around in the Mall and everyone was cooing and oohing over the baby crocodiles.

We saw one shop with the whole crocodile skin intact for sale. It was MASSIVE! Just looking at the skin gave me the horrors but if you’ve ever seen a crocodile in the flesh folks, there are scary creatures. Geoff and I did a boat trip up the Daintree River in North Queensland the crocs were sunning themselves and slithering into the river and looking pretty gruesome all along the river.

Some people went on a crocodile-jumping tour which involved getting crocs to jump in the air (from the water) to catch food. For some reason, seeing them JUMP like that seems to please people. I’ve seen enough crocodiles in my day not to want to see them jumping folks!

Anyway, as I am running out of time, I will end this blog from the Cruise Terminal (where it is saving me money being on my own Telstra stick) while I am on land and not paying the big money that cruise ships charge to use their internet. Oh the things I do to keep this blog going! And now that I am on No. 201 I do have to keep going.
We are leaving Darwin at 2.30pm – far too early – so I will wish you all well and take my leave. Excuse any mistakes you may find here for this will not be my finest piece of work … but in the interest of keeping the blog going it is better to post is as it is than have no blog at all.

Until tomorrow …